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A Riverside View
Tashi Gyeltshen

I am not, but myself,
You are not, but indifferent.
I by river side,
viewing the greenery of yours,
Indeed, with a wishful pain in my heart.

My face turns pale, and palsy with dry chin,
Propelled by my squared- fingers. I by river side, in throbbing heart,
Your loveliness lingers in my heart.

Five minutes passed, I know not myself,
Am I resting as though I am back from the war?
Or, am I drunk to your health?
If not, still with you?

I pillowed upon her ripening breast,
Luminous sand struck on my face,
As if I had applied the whitening cream,
Though I know I can't, but be less ugly.

I found that the time is enough,
Listened to the whistling bird from the bough,
As though I am listening to the unheard melodies,
Nor did I know what I can.

I woke, but knew not where I am,
I closed and opened my eyes,
To find myself with her, BUT
Inescapable to draw nothingness from blankness!

From: Bhutan

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