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Unrequited Love

The first drop of rain, falls on my face,
I just close my eyes and think of your face,
And I see you smile at me..

If we were together, such a miracle it would be.
I can't help, but smile back at you,
Let people think I'm crazy,
It doesn't matter, I'm thinking of you!

And we sit on the bench,
In the nearby park,
Your hands in mine,
And our fingers entwined.
And you give a slight peck on my cheek,
Which makes my heart skip a beat,
With your hands, you lift up my chin,
I can't help,but gaze at your flawless skin.
And you cup my face in your hands,
Just the way I've always dreamt!

It would have been so lovely,
if this were true,
I like you so much,
you have no clue!
And all my dreams come crushing down,
When, I see you walking with your girlfriend in the town,
I just stop, and stare at you,
It is just the way I've dreamt of me and you,
And in the night, when I lay in my bed,
I think of that moment, and it makes me sad.

I wonder if you'll ever realise,
That we together will look so nice!
But for now, I just close my eyes,
And all I think of is your lovely smile!

From: Pune, India

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