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Frog Prince - Buy Romantic gifts and an adorable romantic Valentine gift

Kiss Me Frog Kisses
Kiss Me Frog Kisses
Relive a classic fairy tale through this sweet gift. Best of luck to your beloved in just kissing this charming frog!

A tasteful, keep-sake burgundy gift box filled with Hershey Kisses and 2 mouthwatering milk chocolate caramel hearts wrapped in festive red foil. Then, indulge in the amazing milk chocolate frog, hand-decorated with dark chocolate accents and set on lily pads made of white chocolate. With each treat more delicious than the last, your Valentine is sure to enjoy this unique gift to the very last bite. Frog measures 3-1/2 '' x 2-1/4 '' x 2-1/4'' and box measures 5'' x 3''.

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FROG PRINCE, Christmas gift, jewelry box, covered in green and gold rhinestones, gold, satin lined gift box - to make any day ROMANTIC and more -- Painted enamel mouth -- gold toned, heavy metal frog... topped with a gold crown set with rhinestones. Frogs with gems, sparkle with jewels for a jewelry box. Buy Romantic gifts for special days, Valentine birthday gift and and Valentine's Day Fabulous Valentine's Day Buy a Christmas Frog Prince online - no more kissing frogs looking for Prince Charming!!! Use for a FROG PRINCE marriage proposal, engagement ring, engagements, rings, gift box -- free earrings included -- in this quality gift at a bargain, least expensive, most affordable, inexpensive price. Fabulous Christmas present for him or her.