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Kissing quizzes will tell you what kind of kisser you really are.

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Links 2 Love

Kissing quizzes -- woo hoo! Find out if he really wants to kiss you -- what kind of kisser you are.

Tons 'o kissing tests and every type of quiz about how you kiss will help you with kissing skills and finding out about the wonderful world of kissing.

You'll find more dating tips and help in our Flirting section and our First Dates section!

   Kissing Quizzes and Dating Info

Kissing quiz Kissing Quiz
- take our quiz and learn your kissing IQ!

Kissing Personality Quiz
- check out your kissing personality

Does he WANT to kiss you?
take this quiz to find out if he really wants to kiss you...

Take the "What Does Your Style Say About You?" quiz and find out what you're telling your partner. The way you kiss and want to be kissed has a lot to reveal about what type of partner you're looking for -- and whether you want that partner for ever or just for fun...

  For more HOT kissing tips, check out Sheila's Kissing Booth.

Kissing tips   Take the ""What's Your Kissing Style?" quiz to find out what message you send when you smooch. How you kiss can say a lot about your personality, your sensuality and your feelings for the person you're kissing. Are you a passionate kisser? Or are your lips more playful? Yum. Use the quiz to check out your style and what's going on when you kiss!

Are you a good kisser?
A quick and easy quiz to help you determine if your kissing style is magical or all wet Kissing with style

Will they want a second kiss?

   Check out this site for fantastic virtual Kisses - design your own super kiss to email to someone special...

  Find out about kissing according to astrological signs at
"Kissing by the Signs."

  Or for more detailed descriptions of kissing skills (from lip exercises and breathing through timing tips) take the class "Kissing 101" at the "Virtual Kiss" site.

   Take this test to find out how much you really know about kissing.
(Issues like - how many calories do you burn while kissing?)

   Your favorite color reveals your kissing style ...

  Take this quiz to find out your kissing style and what it says about your desires!

Okay, how about, you don't quite know how to get started...try kissing GAMES or more games to overcome that awkward beginning.

FREE Dating & Mating Secrets for Guys
Dating Secrets for Guys
Dating Tips for Success with Women
Incredible tips about women and dating for guys - that you won't find anywhere else - and it's all FREE!


Rate a Date
Getting someone to go out with you is great, but it's only the beginning - the real test is how you take it from there.
The sad reality is that you never know what the other side is thinking.
Most of us admit that first dates turn us into a quivering mass of Jello, but even if you think you're Rico Suave, take this fun quiz to see how your dating skills rate.

Gals - check out the test below to find out how you rate on a first date:

First-Date Disaster Test
Take this test to discover what kind of impression you make on a first date. You can find out if you charm your date from the start or if you're a dating disaster.

Links to other sites with dating tips and advice:

The Dating Game; attracting the opposite sex
Here you'll find tips for overcoming shyness, finding dates, dating, ∓ topics of conversation for dates. The site leads to a log of resources that deal with defining shyness and ways of handling it.

Ms. HeartBeat responds letters from confused lovers from all over the world dispensing her witty and streetwise advice on dating issues (as well as online relationships, cohabitation, breakups and divorce, sexuality, game-playing, commitment, interracial relationships and older/younger romances).
This column addresses mature subject matter and is not recommended for children under the age of 17.

The following are links to sites with cautions and information about Date Rape and Date Rape Drugs:

Mental Health Net Psychological Self-Help
This site answers the question "What can be done to avoid date rape?" with the following insights:
"Know the person you go out with.
Ask others what they think of him/her and listen for clues, such as 'he is all hands' or 'watch out when she gets drunk.'
Ask about and observe his/her drinking habits; 75% of date rape offenders and 55% of victims have been drinking.
So, watch how much you drink too.
Be cautious about going to isolated places, do not 'lead him/her on' or imply that you are 'wild' or joke about being raunchy or sexually aroused. "
Date Rape Drug
This site explains the both effects of and how the current drug of choice for date rape - rohypnol - is used.
It links to several other sites which have details about the drug and others used such as gamma-butrolactone (GBL), gamma-hydroxybutyramine (GHB) and their common brand names.
It also offers suggestions for avoiding situations in which the drug could be used. Primarily - NEVER accept a drink from anyone - and never leave your drink unattended.

Check him out!
In just a matter of minutes, you can find out a great deal on your own about any potential date (or even your fiance' or husband) using the simple, free background check techniques described in their new "how-to" manual.

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Kissing quizzes -- woo hoo! Find out if he really wants to kiss you -- what kind of kisser you are. Tons 'o kissing tests and every type of quiz about how you kiss will help you with kissing skills and finding out about the wonderful world of kissing.