Romantic things to do and romantic ideas for last minute Valentine's Day gifts and a Valentine

   Last Minute Romantic Things - for Valentine's Day

Last Minute Romantic Things To Do for your Valentine (Valentine's Day or any Romantic day):

    1. The CARD
    Last minute ideas to win your Valentine's heart a. Buy a card -- drug store, grocery store -- wherever you can get one!
    b. Last ditch -- make a card ... Take a little time -- make it as artistic as you can -- use crayons, pencils or paint -- even the computer -- draw abstract flowers and hearts -- something to show you worked and gave it thought
    c. Add your own touch to the card -- tell them something you LOVE about them -- and find a sweet love poem, a love lyric that from a song they love, or the perfect romantic quote that fits just them!

    2. FLOWERS
    If you're a guy, if at all possible -- get ANY flowers. Once again, a corner flower shop, grocery store, wherever you can! Preferrably reds or pinks. But ANY flowers.

    3. CANDY
    Of course, guy or gal, any kind of candy -- little sweet hearts or, in desperation, anything sweet. If you really want to impress someone and have an oven, bake something chocolate -- or a white cake with strawberries. Shape whatever you bake (brownies, cake, cupcakes) into heart-shaped decorations.
    Cut them into hearts or melt them into heart-shaped decor on cakes or cookies.

    Marshmallows are great last minute Valentine-savers... get creative and impress your sweetie!

    Pudding Win them over with something as simple as chocolate pudding

    Or a cupcake, cookie or brownie topped off with the marshmallow heart...or melted into the top
    Hot chocolate A sweet sip of hot chocolate could capture a heart

    Love Notes Jar
  • If they like romance -- candles, candles, everywhere.
  • Learn to say "I love you" in another language (or several languages) and have them guess what you're saying.
  • Cook a special meal (or pick up special takeout).
  • Put photos of your sweetie, or the two or you together in a collage - or screensaver.

  • Gift She or He will LOVE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->

    Make a list "101 Reasons Why I Love You" or "Things I love about you" or "Things I Like About You" if you're not there yet. If you're in a rush -- write down appropriate love quotes or even inspirational quotes.

    Cut up the list -- and put each strip of paper in a jar. Apply some heart decals -- add candy kisses or just a big red ribbon. Tell your sweetie to take out one note each day...

    Secret Date

    Blindfold your sweetie and drive them to a special date or a special place you share or even find a new romantic place.

    Set up a picnic with a blanket, candles, strawberries, sparkling drinks, and a rose. When you arrive at your "secret destination" read them a special love poem or a sweet poem you've written for them.

    Give them love coupons (below and more coupons) as gifts -- hey the best things in life are free -- like your time and thoughtfulness...

    Conversation Coupon


    Movie Night


    Romantic Stroll

    Candlelit Dinner

    Blank coupon

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    None of these work for you?
    Try generating your own...
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How to come up with great last minute romantic things to do for a Valentine sweetheart or for Valentine's Day - romantic ideas including things to make, design, love coupons and more creative romantic dates and dinners and desserts for your Valentine -- surprise them with a special thoughful free printable coupons and unique treats on Valentine's Day or any day you want to be special or filled with romance.