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The Psychic Location Quiz
The FUNNY STUFF psychic location QUIZ
Where are you right now? Our Psychic knows!!
Soooo nice of you to visit us
Answer the funny questions below and the psychic can tell where you are right now! Amaze your friends, send it to them and see how it can predict where they are too, just from a few simple questions! Funny Stuff!

Take this quiz and FEEL the Psychic energy!
1. When I step outside, most of the cars are:

a)  Luxury cars (Mercedes, BMW, etc.).
b)  Minivans.
c)  Sports Cars.
d)  Camels.
e)  Bicycles, not cars.
f)  Taxis or buses.
g)  Stolen.
h)  On fire.
i)  Horse drawn carriages.
j)  Vectral transducing atomic transporters.
k)  Cars? What's a car?

2. The last piece of fruit I ate that came from a local store was:

a)  An Orange.
b)  A Banana.
c)  Some Blueberry Syrup.
d)  An Apple.
e)  A Kiwi.
f)  A Pineapple.
g)  A Watermelon.
h)  A Papaya.
i)  A Cantaloupe or other melon (besides a watermelon).
j)  Does a Strawberry Daquiri count?
k)  A Raspberry .
l)  Fruit? I don't eat fruit.

3. Right now my feet feel:

a)  Fuzzy and warm.
b)  Comfortably toasty.
c)  Dry and cracked.
d)  Sore.
e)  Soft as a baby's bottom.
f)  H-O-T hot!
g)  I can't tell, they're in plaster casts for 8 more weeks.

4. If my city had an appropriate motto, the one would fit best is:

a)  The city that never sleeps.
b)  The city that always sleeps.
c)  A little city in a lot of nowhere.
d)  The best dang city this side of the manure farm!
e)  A wonderful place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here.
f)  Hard hats required at all times.
g)  Where every neighbor is a good neighbor.
h)  Run for your lives! Run for your lives!
i)  Leave us alone, we don't like you.
j)  The best democracy is a utilitarian monarchy.
k)  The best big city on earth.
l)  The dummiest place on earth.
m)  Wanted: One city motto.

5. If I lick my right pinky finger and hold it over my head, it feels:

a)  Cool, but drying quickly.
b)  Warm.
c)  Oddly tingly.
d)  Small.
e)  I don't know how it feels, but it sure tastes nasty.
f)  It feels normal.
g)  My finger's okay, but I feel stupid.
h)  Moist.
i)  Humid.
j)  It feels like I just licked my finger and held it over my head.
k)  The pain! The pain!
l)  It's really hard to type with one hand.

6. If I'm very, very quiet, the loudest sound that I hear is:

a)  Children playing/laughing/yelling/talking.
b)  Traffic noise.
c)  Rushing water (like ocean waves or a running river/stream).
d)  Someone yelling at me to get off the computer.
e)  Sirens, lots of sirens.
f)  The Police negotiator on a bullhorn ordering me to put some clothes on and come outside.
g)  Loud music (rap, punk, rock, metal, or other similar type).
h)  Music (any other kind of music being played more softly).
i)  Large earth moving machinery.
j)  Explosions.
k)  Animal noises (domesticated).
l)  Animal noises (wild).
m)  Airplanes.
n)  Blood curdling screams.

7. If I stepped outside right now, I would dress appropriately by wearing:

a)  A down parka.
b)  T-shirt, shorts, and sandals.
c)  A business suit.
d)  Cellophane. Nothing but cellophane.
e)  A smile.
f)  Ripped jeans and an Armani shirt.
g)  Several rolls of alumminum foil.
h)  A wedding dress.
i)  A Sombrero or Pancho.
j)  A tutu.
k)  A uniform of any kind.
l)  Anything with cowboy boots.
m)  A striped shirt, striped pants, and leg chains.
n)  A wife-beater and boxers.
o)  Cotton candy, and lots of it.
p)  Nothing, I don't care what the negotiator says!

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The Links2Love Psychic Locator Quiz

The amazing Links 2 Love mystic can tell your location --- first the psychic will name
the country you are in at this VERY moment.  
Creepy, grotesque, heinously frightening?
Yes indeed.
Naaa Ha Haaaaaaaa (Creepy laugh)
Are we Evil-Doers?
No. We are neither bad scotch nor just plain bad.
We are simply fun-lovers in the funnest sense of the word.

Continue on to the next set of questions, and the mystical, magical psychic will narrow your location down (to a state or region, as appropriate).
Naaa Haaaaaaaaa (echoing disturbingly, then fading into eerie yowls).

Now quit reading --- go answer the questions above and have some fun, you skeptic, you.

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