Free relationship advice for girl who wants to know how to tell if her bf is for real or playing her
Relationship Advice, Is He the One?

How Can I Tell if He Likes Me and is Honest or is Just a Player?

Dear Dr. TRuth,

     How can I know that he is the one?

Also how will I know if the person really likes me instead of trying to play me?

     They are very tricky out there.

Please help me determine those two answers.

Thank you.


How to tell if he's real or just playing you

Dear "Wondering"

     Your questions are very clear but very hard to answer.

     Knowing whether or not someone is "the one" takes a very long time.

     Sometimes we meet someone and become infatuated with them but that doesn't make them or soulmate.

     The strongest relationships I know are based on a very deep friendship, respect and mutual attraction.

     If the person you are asking about is someone you respect, someone who has similar life goals to yourself, someone who you admire and who admires you, someone who wants the same things you do, someone you can really talk to, then, he might possibly be "the one."

     These are the qualities you should be looking for if you truly want a long-term relationship.

     As far as knowing whether or not someone is playing you, ask yourself the following:
1. Does he call when he says he will?

2. Is he reliable, honest and trustworthy?

3. Can you count on him for help and friendship?

4. Does he tell the truth about his life and other relationships?

5. Does he come from a family which is intact and which has good values?

6. Is he doing well in his life: job and other relationships?
    If you can safely answer all of this in a way that is satisfactory to yourself, the chances of you ending up with a trickster will be greatly diminished.

Dr. TRuth

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Relationship advice, love advice and free advice from a therapist for people who write letters asking for help with personal problems, boyfriends, girlfriends and more issues with relationships. Finding out if a bf is real or just fooling around and not sincere. How to tell if a boyfriend is insincere or fake or the real thing. Relationship advice for a girl who want to know how she'll know a guy is the right one and how to tell if a guy is playing her... How to tell if he is the right one... Is it love, or is he real, the right guy or faking it -- she has a love problem and wants to know if she should believe or trust the guy or not -- find out if he's a player.