How to survive the end of a relationship -- steps for surviving a breakup.
Surviving the Breakup

It's Over - Now What?

By Dr. Truth


End of a relationship - breaking up is hard to do... It sounds terrible! We've been dumped, abandoned, left and bereft. How do we cope? Better yet, how do we get back to the business of being happy as quickly as possible?

  • STEP ONE: Don't hold in or deny the feelings of pain and loss

    Let's face it. It isn't easy. As a matter of fact, having our hearts broken feels like major surgery - a piece of ourselves has been cut out and we are left open and bleeding, only, empty, and miserable.

    We lose our appetite, binge eat, drink too much, lose sleep, grieve, cry, rage, withdraw, scream and carry on in general. Actually, while self-destructing only makes things worse, emotional release does make us feel better, at least temporarily.

    Not recommendable is the stiff upper lip, "everything's fine" attitude. This type of charade only prolongs pain, since, if we keep everything inside, unfortunately, that's where it stays.

  • STEP TWO: Lean on a good friend

    Most beneficial is to utilize the support of a close friend, one who understands and is prepared to fulfill the unwritten contract that says, "Be there when I need you!"

    Friends help This is when you need that friend, even if it means spontaneous calls, texts, visits, or camping out at his/her house on a lonely evening. There is absolutely no virtue to suffering alone and in silence, unless of course, you wish to be nominated for sainthood.

    Friends remind us that we are likable, intelligent, interesting and still desirable. They help put our pain in perspective and remind us that, regardless of our present loss, we are still worthy of being loved.

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    Dating and relationship issues - breaking up is hard to do -- what do you do to get over a bad breakup? How to recover from breaking up and ending a long term or short term relationship? Steps on the road to recovery and returning to a normal life...