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Free dating Tips - hot great free dating tips for every dating situation!

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  Free Dating Tips

Make your perfect date a REALITY, not a REALITY SHOW!

Whether you're 15 and on your first date, or 50 and dating again, things are more complicated than they used to be.

Even in smaller cities, there are dozens of choices as to where to go, what to eat, and what to do or see on a date.

Free dating tips However if a date is going downhill in the conversation /behavior area, even the greatest restaurant, best movie or most original destination won't save it from dating disaster.

There are endless resources out there for people trying to achieve that 'perfect' dating experience. In addition to the internet, there are many 'reality' dating shows on TV these days that can provide ideas.

Often times, however, these shows are more of a 'what not to do on a date'. The disasters are frequent, and can be ugly, and even violent!

Major Basic Free Dating Tips

Here are some of the most common (and ugly) dating mistakes made, many by both men AND women.
  • Too much talk about yourself.
    An early date isn't a time to prove how great you are, but a time to show that you're truly interested in her and what she likes.

  • Too little talk can also lead to an awkward dating situation.
    If you're afraid you'll have nothing to talk about on your date, write down a few ideas of interesting topics or things your date is interested in. I wouldn't suggest bringing the note with you to dinner, though.

  • Too much talk about sex
    ANY is usually too much until you've gotten to know the person better!

  • Lack of manners.
    It may be the 21st century, but most women still appreciate the fineries of chivalry. If she doesn't want the door opened for her, or help with her coat, she will tell you. It's better to err on the side of politeness.

  • Lack of table manners.
    The cleaner your napkin is at the end of dinner the better- unless your shirt and pants took the damage instead.

  • Landing yourself in the infamous friend zone.
    This can be tricky because if you try too hard, you may ruin the date by coming on too strong. You need to let your date know you're interested, but not make them think you're a potential stalker.

Another great and often untapped resource for dating tips and ideas are your friends, and yes, even siblings!

Many people you know may still be in the dating scene, have more experience than you and would be happy to share their ideas. If you like their general attitude and demeanor, chances are they have some positive dating experiences to share that could help you out. Free dating tips from friends

Most importantly, remember to BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN! If the person you are out with get to know you while you're trying to entertain him or her or you're pretending to be who you're not, you will find a relationship almost never works out.

Everyone wants to be liked for who they truly are. If the person you're with doesn't like you for YOU, then they don't deserve your time!

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