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Dating Advice - Teen Advice, Teen Love, Help with Teenage Dating, dating advice, Date Ideas, Dating Advice, Dating Quiz

Dating advice - looking for teen advice, info on teen love and teen dating? You'll find date ideas, FREE dating advice and a dating quiz or two...

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Love Poems

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Valentine's Day

 Great Dating Advice & Dating Tips for Teens !!

  Take me directly to the advice section!!!
I wanna go straight to the dating and relationship quizzes!

Great date ideas
Go to GREAT date ideas!!!


First date tips and first date help
Get First Date HELP!
  Kissing tips Find HOT Kissing Tips!
Step by step - the perfect kiss
French kissing

Go Get Original Date Ideas!
Flirt Like Crazy!
Come on over and say 'Hello,' big boy.

So.  I have an attitude.  So.  Bite me.
Read Advice Letters!!!

Or come up with the PERFECT Nickname for your sweetie!
Or find out (calculate) if your crush is a match or not!

Next: Want to check out body language, flirting and quizzes?

For a jump start on great flirting tips, check out our
How to tell if he's attracted to you!
  • Top TEN - HOW to Tell if He's Flirting with You and / or ATTRACTED to You!
    (including the eyebrow lift, courtship stance and other dead giveaways - he doesn't even know he's giving away)
  • List of TOP ten flirting tips for you
  • "How To Tell She Likes You" section.   
  • More on How to tell if HE likes YOU!?
    OR BOLD flirting moves for the gutsy chick
  • Body language - what are they REALLY saying...
  • MORE teen flirting and quizzes
  • Valentine OR - start with eye contact and work up from there...
    OR - read up on the science of flirting and our animal instincts...
    more flirting
    and even more and more flirting

    More great links to dating tips and information:
  •     eCRUSH
    Love, lust or just checking someone out, eCRUSH finds out if the feeling is mutual. It's a free and confidential way to break the ice.
    SIGN UP! and list the crushee (the person you have a crush on). If you know his or her email, eCRUSH can send a message inviting the crushee to register because "someone" likes them.
    If they eCRUSH you, it's a match. If not, your secret is safe - nobody can find out who eCRUSHed them.

        Safe Internet Surfing
    Comprehensive information and advice on safe Internet Surfing - website promotoes cooperation between parents and teens and raises awareness of online dangers - with contract that promotoes safety and allows teens to remain on the web.

    Comprehensive clearinghouse of information and resources on teen pregnancy prevention and advice on parenting.

    My Future
    Career Tools, Information, and Opportunities.

    National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
    A central source of information on prevention and intervention programs, publications, research, and statistics on violence committed by and against children and teens.

    Parenting Adolescents
    Where teens and preteens can get help in understanding parents!

    Planned Parenthood
    Official website of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Advocates for the use of birth control.

    Reality Check
    Marijuana abuse prevention publications, news, research, advice and resources.

    Sex, etc.
    Website by Teens for Teens. Network for Family Life Education.


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