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Romantic travel - Dreaming about a tropical paradise vacation, wedding, honeymoon or just want to get marriedo and need a British Virgin Islands florist? Romantic Travel Ideas and Travel Tips, take a trip and Vacation in British Virgin Islands tours and more

You'll discover all about British Virgin Islands, romantic travel tips, honeymoons, travel ideas, romantic honeymoons, flowers and ideas for getting married, proposing, honeymoon, wedding flowers, marriage information and romantic travel in British Virgin Islands.

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 British Virgin Islands Vacation Ideas

British Virgin Islands!!

Paradise Found - The Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands are a sailor's (and lovers') romantic getaway dream come true. Soft breezes waft through the islands year round, and the island's turquoise waters seem to twinkle with a million stars - day and night.

Much of the appeal of the of the British Virgin Islands is that they are among the most secluded of the Virgin Islands. Those seeking a restful (or quiet, romantic) vacation have just found their paradise.

British Virgin Islands   The British Virgin Islands have fine, unspoiled beaches that are framed with steep mountains. The largest islands are Tortola and Virgin Gorda.
Tortola is the most popular of the Virgin Islands as it offers visitors quiet secluded beaches, beautiful natural scenery, and nightlife.

From the far east end of Virgin Gorda, to the far west end of St. Thomas, USVI is only 40 miles. Within this expanse are some 80 - 90 isles and cays, each with its own character and charm.

To visit the BVI and truly appreciate their beauty, several of the smaller islands should be visited...

Disembarking in Tortola for the first time, you may ask
"What do I do? First."

The creamy beaches are gorgeous, the scenery spectacular, the water phenomenal. Swimming and snorkeling are two of the greatest experiences in the Caribbean. You will not be able to sink in this marvelous water, and snorkeling is one of the most awe-inspiring encounters of a lifetime. A sport that requires no effort other than floating and enjoying the scenery should not be missed.

British Virgin Islands

Visiting other isles, snorkeling in pristine waters, or experiencing the wonders of the British Virgin Islands, are just a few of choices available to the visitor here. Ferries, planes, sailboats, fishing boats, and power boats are all available for sport and sight-seeing.

Where do you begin?

King Charters, offers the most enjoyable and comprehensive means of seeing and experiencing the British Virgin Islands. Their 50' luxury motoryacht, "Antillean", provides the most efficient transportation for visiting all the isles of the British Virgin Islands quickly and comfortably.

The "Antillean" leaves Nanny Cay Resort at 10:00 AM heading toward the CAVES on Norman Island.

British Virgin Islands

As you cruise across Sir Francis Drake Channel, the skipper introduces you to the British Virgin Islands, St. John, St. Thomas, Flanagan, the Indians, Pelican and Norman.

Arriving at Norman, the Indians, or Great Harbour, Peter Island, you are provided with instructions on the ease and safety of snorkeling in these waters. If the Captain has managed to contact the head fish at the snorkel site (and he always does), you're in for a spectacular underwater tour!

British Virgin Islands

Captain King, with his years of island experience, knows where to guide travelers so that they may explore the wonders of the uncroweded (by humans) aquatic environment. The Captain and/or Mate guide you and provide an informative tour to insure a fabulous snorkeling experience, among the magnificent forms of marine life. There are no time limits, when everyone gets back to the boat, the tour continues to another location.

After another 20 to 30 minute relaxing cruise, passing Peter, Dead Chest and Salt Islands, you find yourself at Cooper Island, a paradise within a paradise. A luscious lunch is served at the Cooper Island Beach Club Resort.   British Virgin Islands

After lunch options include: lounging on the beach, shopping at the dive shop, swimming, snorkeling or doing absolutely nothing. Following the break, there is a 17 minute ride to the most famous attraction in the British Virgin Islands, the BATHS on Virgin Gorda.

Baths, Virgin Gorda   You arrive at the BATHS between 3:30 and 4:00 PM (they're nearly empty by that time) and you can absorb this phenomenon of nature in peace and quiet.
Time permitting, you may then hop a taxi in Spanish Town down to the Mine Shaft Cafe, which boasts the best view in all the Virgin Islands.
The return trip to Nanny Cay takes between 30 and 40 minutes as you cruise into the setting sun, sipping King Charters' pain-killers (voted best in the country), and sampling hors d'ouevres.

Ahhhh... life is good!!!

King Charters offers first class service and a Caribbean adventure you'll never forget. These tours are an absolute must for your Caribbean experience. For more information, and travel ideas visit their website at

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British Virgin Islands is a romantic getaway not soon to be forgotten...

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