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 Breckenridge Vacation Ideas

Beautifiul Breckenridge About 90 miles from Denver, Colorado, Breckenridge is a popular skiing spot, but also makes a great quiet lover's getaway vacation! Breckenridge is best known for it's winter attractions - but offers a large number of summer attractions as well.

Breckenridge is scheduled to run its winter schedule until April 17, of this year. This date is dependent upon weather changes- it's always best to call ahead to learn the current status.

Here's a list of typical temperatures for Breckenridge, by month:
Breckenridge Lodge and Spa                    High Low
January       32º F 0º F
Febuary      35º F 2º F
March         39º F 8º F
April           48º F 17º F
May            59º F 25º F
June           69º F 31º F
July            75º F 37º F
August         73º F 36º F
September   67º F 29º F
October       56º F 20º F
November     41º F 10º F
December     34º F 3º F

Breckenridge is a great spot for off-season vacations, and can make a great summer retreat for those seeking to escape the heat, but bring warm clothes year round, as you can see from the chart, it gets c-c-c-cold at night!

Among its summer attractions, Breckenridge offers walking tours, golfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, trail hiking, and a city maintained whitewater kayak park, just to name a few!
Breckenridge also has a few attractions that are rather unique- at the 'Peak 8 Fun Park.'
The "Amaze'n Breckenridge"- a huge maze (Colorado's largest) that challenges individuals and teams to complete timed runs through the wooden labyrinth.
The 'Superslide', a half mile descent on a fiberglass track, where riders mount sleds, and use handbrakes to control their descent. There are three separate tracks, varying in speed and skill.

Getting around Breckenridge:
Trolleys - the Breckenridge Free Ride Transportation System, the Breckenridge Free Shuttle, and the Summit Stage are all great ways to get around town and see the sights in Breckenridge. The best part about these methods of Breckenridge transportation - they're all free!

Valdoro Mountain Lodge Hotel There is a wealth of great hotels and restaurants in Breckenridge, including the ever popular eatery - 'Cafe Alpine', and the picturesque and romantic Valdoro Mountain Lodge Hotel.

Downtown Breckenridge offers a variety of shops and attractions for its visitors. Check out Main Street for shopping and and more.

Blue River Beckenridge, CO

As seen pictured here, the Blue River flows through the center of town.

Breckenridge, like many other popular ski resorts, is at a very high altitude (almost 10,000 feet). This may take some adjusting for people not familiar with high altitude living. For helpful tips and warnings, check out:

Other interesting Breckenridge facts:
Breckenridge originally opened in 1961.
Breckenridge offers 27 separate ski lifts.
Breckenridge averages 300 inches of snow per year.
Breckenridge's highest elevation is 12,998 feet, and is 9600 feet above sea level in the town.
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Many of our readers have been to Breckenridge - if you have, and would like to share a personal experience, recommendation, or other pertinent information about Breckenridge, Colorado, please e-mail us.

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Breckenridge is a romantic getaway not soon to be forgotten...

If you want a honeymoon to remember -
Breckenridge might just be the place!

If you feel like making plans, to Breckenridge or elsewhere, or packing your great new Luggagea> and want to find out where to go and how to get there - check out our Getaway Links - for helpful travel tips...

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