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Dreaming about a Kauai vacation, Kauai wedding, Kauai honeymoon or just want to get married in Kauai? Kauai Romantic Travel Ideas and Travel Tips, take a trip and Vacation in Kauai tours and more Kauai flowers and florists ...

You'll discover all about Kauai, romantic travel tips, honeymoons in Kauai, Kauai travel ideas, romantic honeymoons and ideas for getting married, proposing, honeymoon, wedding flowers, marriage information and romantic travel in Kauai.

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 Kauai Vacation Ideas


Kauai vacation Kauai Vacation. Just the phrase has many dreaming of relaxing sandy beaches that stretch forever, Mai Tais, and Luaus. The truth is, Kauai offers all of the things that romantic travelers have come to expect, but it also offers a great deal more!

Of course Kauai is still home to amazing underwater adventures, picturesque helicopter rides above it all, and wonderful Hawaiian food and festivities, fabulous flowers - but if you're going to spend more than a day or two there, there's much, much more to keep you busy!   >

A few of the slightly lesser known adventures and activities that Kauai has to offer:
Na Pali Coast, KauaiVacations in Kauai A scenic area offering beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs. trails, state park areas, scenic/historic walking areas with scenic drives and hiking trails

Be sure to tour the Na Pali Coast by Boat or Zodiak Raft

Kauai’s Na Pali Coast in Kauai is one of the most spectacular sites you will ever see with its soaring and isolated hill, mountains and waterfalls. Na Pali Coast State Park is a 22-mile stretch of volcanic cliffs. Of course Kauai has dozens of beautiful beaches, but the key is to find the beaches that the locals, or kama'aina prefer.

Poipu, in the south, is the sunny beach of Kauai.

Poipu, Kauai offers abundant snorkeling, diving and surfing, among its more popular water sports. There are two well-designed courses, horseback riding, kayaking, tennis, biking, fishing and sailing. You can hike the spectacular 4 mile round trip coastal trail to Mahaulepu Beach or drive,walk or bike the 10-mile Koloa Heritage Trail.
A few other 'not to be missed' Kauai attractions include the Hana Highway, Molokini, whale watching, Haleakala Crater, the Seven Sacred Pools.

Kauai Wedding and Kauai Honeymoon

Marriage and Marriage License information for Kauai and Hawaii:
Planning a Hawaiian or Kauai wedding?
If you're thinking about getting married in Kauai - a marriage license agent for the State of Hawaii will issue your license. Both the bride and groom must be present when the license is issued. You each must present a valid picture I.D. (drivers license or passport), and applicants 19 or under must have written parental or legal guardian permission. There is no waiting period, no residency requirement and no blood tests or shots required.
Then you just need to make a few plans for your great Kauai wedding because the Hawaiian marriage license is good for thirty days. The fee is $60.00 in cash. Your birthplace, the names of parents and final divorce decree information, if applicable, will be required on the license application.
An appointment to obtain the license should be scheduled directly with a marriage licensing agent, located on all islands in Hawaii.
The central marriage license office is located in Oahu at the Hawaii State Department of Health, Kinau Hale, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. Recorded information is provided by phone (808) 586-4545. The office will send a "Marriage License Application" packet to interested parties from out of state.
The person performing the marriage- wedding - must be licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Health. Upon completion of the wedding ceremony, the officiant sends the marriage license directly to the local Department of Health Registrar, to be filed as the official marriage certificate with the Hawaii State Registrar and Vital Records Section.
The certified copy of the marriage certificate is mailed to the married couple approximately 120 days after receipt from the officiant. If the certified copy is needed sooner, the marriage license agent will provide a request form, which can be mailed to the Vital Records Section along with a $10 fee charged by the Hawaiian Department of Health for this service.

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Kauai is a romantic getaway not soon to be forgotten...

If you want a honeymoon to remember -
Kauai might just be the place!

If you feel like making plans, to Kauai or elsewhere, or packing your great new BAGS and stylin' travel gear and want to find out where to go and how to get there - check out our Getaway Links - for helpful travel tips...

Info on Kauai wedding flowers, Kauai wedding photographers and Kauai wedding planners coming soon!!!
All the details for planning your Kauai wedding with Kauai florists and more...

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Dreaming about a Kauai vacation, Kauai wedding, Kauai honeymoon or just want to get married in Kauai? Kauai Romantic Travel Ideas and Travel Tips, take a trip and Vacation in Kauai You'll discover all about Kauai, flowers, romantic travel tips, honeymoons in Kauai, Kauai travel ideas, romantic honeymoons, wedding and ideas for getting married, proposing, and travel in Kauai - not Kauwi or or Kawi or Kawaii or Kauaii.