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Astrology - Daily Love Horoscope & Interactive Horoscope for Taurus
Astrology: Taurus Horoscope
Your personalized daily Interactive Taurus Horoscope for this day

Answer the questions according to how you feel today and find out what your Astrological Sign combined with your mood indicate is in store for your Horoscope of the Day.
1. Each of the following is a characteristic that those born under the sign of Taurus often possess. Which best describes how you feel RIGHT NOW?

a)  Responsible, practical.
b)  Focused on work.
c)  Feeling stubborn, or like someone else is trying to change you.
d)  The desire to change someone else's behavior.
e)  Dedicated, persevering, a positive attitude.
f)  Feelings of jealousy or envy.
g)  Focused on money.

2. In Astrology, Taurus is an Earth sign. Which aspect of Earth are you feeling today?

a)  Stability.
b)  Connectedness to Nature.
c)  Responsibility.
d)  Solid, stable.
e)  Materialistic.
f)  Stubborn.
g)  Nurturing, caring.

3. Taurus, the Bull, is also a 'Fixed' astrological sign, associated with focus, individuality, and determination. How does this relate to you today?

a)  I'm focused, on myself.
b)  I'm focused on someone else.
c)  I feel like being alone today.
d)  I want to make a difference in my life or someone else's today.
e)  I'm going to do something I've been putting off until today.
f)  I don't care what other people think, I do what I like.
g)  I feel like I'm in a rut lately.

4. Taurus is said to rule the ears, neck, and throat, which includes their physical well being. How did your ears, neck, or throat feel when you woke up this morning?

a)  Clear, and apparently normal.
b)  Sore, scratchy, or congested.
c)  Fresh, relaxed, rested.
d)  Unusually warm.
e)  Unusually cold.
f)  Itchy, or a tingling sensation.
g)  I have, or am getting a cold.

5. Taurus' birthstone is the Emerald. Which quality of the Emerald best describes you today?

a)  Associated with Nature.
b)  A sense of commitment or faithfulness.
c)  A desire to grow, heal, or improve yourself or others.
d)  Feeling social, talkative, or outgoing.
e)  Thoughts about something in your past.
f)  Focusing on a relationship (romantic or friendship).

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