Personalized horoscope based on your feelings this day
Astrology - Daily Love Horoscope & Interactive Horoscope for Aquarius
Answer the questions according to how you feel today and find out what your Astrological Sign combined with your mood indicate is in store for your Horoscope of the Day.
1. Each of the following is a characteristic that those born under the sign of Aquarius often possess. Which best describes how you feel RIGHT NOW?

a)  Perceptive or intuitive.
b)  Rebellious.
c)  Out of control.
d)  Friendly.
e)  A little stressed, or high-strung.
f)  Independent.
g)  Unique.

2. In Astrology, Aquarius is an Air sign. Which aspect of Air is closest to what you are feeling today?

a)  Thoughtful.
b)  Concerned about myself.
c)  Talkative.
d)  Curious.
e)  Intellectual.
f)  Stubborn.
g)  Quiet or alone.

3. Aquarius, the "Water Bearer", is also a 'Fixed' sign, associated with individuality, focus, and determination. How does this relate to you today?

a)  I'm focused, on myself.
b)  I'm focused on someone else.
c)  I feel like being alone today.
d)  I want to make a difference in my life or someone else's today.
e)  I'm going to do something I've been putting off until today.
f)  I don't care what other people think, I do what I like.
g)  I feel like I'm in a rut lately.

4. Aquarius is said to rule the legs and ankles, which includes their physical well being. How did your legs and ankles feel when you woke up this morning?

a)  Flexible.
b)  I have an injury on one or both of my legs/ankles.
c)  Fresh and ready to run!
d)  Normal.
e)  Tired.
f)  Like sitting around today.
g)  Sore.

5. Aquarius' birthstone is Amethyst. Which quality of Amethyst best describes you today?

a)  Clear headed.
b)  Emotional.
c)  Calm, serene, quiet.
d)  Guilt.
e)  Spiritual.
f)  Fear, anger, or sadness.

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