Kissing terms, words used to describe a kiss, how to say kissing 50 different ways

Kissing Terms, Words Used to Describe a Kiss

HOT kissing secrets and explicit instructions on how to kiss. We have great kissing tips for hot kisses!
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Terms used to describe "The Kiss."

When you:
bill and coo,
box tonsils,
exchange spit,
first base,
give a tonsillectomy,
gag sugar,
get lip action,
lip embrace,
lock lips,
make out,
mac or mack
make out,
mouth wrestle,
perform PDA,
plant a big one,
plant a smacker,
play post office,
play tonsil hockey,
pucker up,
slurp syrup,
snag tonsils,
suck face,
swap spit,
tongue it,
tongue wrestle,
tongue sushi,
watch submarine races

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Do you leave an IMPRESSION?

Do your kisses deliver the RIGHT message?
When you pucker up do you pack a whallop?

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HOT kissing secrets and great kissing tips with all the terms you'll ever want to know about kissing with kissing terms and every Euphemism or outright offensive way of talking about the passionate act of lip-locking, tonsil grappling, sloshing, smackeroo landing smooching - 50 different ways to say kissing!