Six steps to the Perfect Kiss -- kissing instructions with photos, pics and fotos plus troubleshooting guide

How to Kiss: Six Steps to The PERFECT KISS ©

Kissing Tips: How to Perform The Perfect Kiss, One Step at a Time
(plus a bonus Troubleshooting Guide)

Click on each picture to see full photo and complete 'How to kiss' description.

How to Kiss - First Step
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It seems we get at least three e-mails a week asking for VERY SPECIFIC instructions on how exactly to kiss someone on the lips. While it's one thing to describe it in words, we often find that, like the saying, a picture is worth a thousand...

So, here we have it. A step-by-step illustrated Guide to Kissing, How to Kiss and the 'Perfect Kiss!'

The first step to the perfect kiss is the hardest - and unfortunately, there's no picture that can help you out there.

That first step is finding the right person to kiss!

Now, if you've arrived at the point where you feel you're ready to kiss (or be kissed by) that special someone, hopefully things have gone well up until now. It always helps to be yourself around others, so that you feel more comfortable with the other person, and don't feel as nervous or feel like you have to put on an 'act.' The more comfortable you feel together when you're just hanging out, the easier that first kiss should be, no matter how little experience you have.

If you follow the kissing instructions in the kissing photos above and you have the right partner, things should go well!

From here on out, your 'flights' will just get easier!

Good luck and happy kissing!      
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Instructions for kissing and kissing tips with pics

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    HOW TO KISS -- Free Kissing tips for teens kissing or anyone who needs to know how to perform the perfect kiss illustrated with kissing photos - pics, fotos, exactly how to kiss for beginners and experienced kissers, ideas, tips and photos, figures, diagrams, photographs and couple kissing photo - described with THE SIX STEPS and instructions on how to perform a perfect KISS.