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Only When Ur Lonely lyrics -- with The BEST love song lyrics and the best romantic love songs melody - like "Only When Ur Lonely " lyrics ...

Lovely love song lyrics to romantic songs and loads of love songs lyrics, music and love lyrics your favorite love melody, Only When Ur Lonely -- Ginuwine music video ...

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   Love Song Lyrics - Only When Ur Lonely

Only When Ur Lonely

~ Ginuwine

You put pressure on me
Anyway you wanted me
I was there for you
Time over and time again
You shut me out
I thought I was your man
I kept it real with you
But you was fake with me

As I close my eyes
I start thinking things
Is this love real love
And all that it brings
When I close my eyes
Only you I see
With another man
This is killing me

I am your man
But Only When Ur Only
If I was to bounce
That's when you'd want me
I am your man
But Only When Ur Only
You say it's not the same
But I love you only

My heart got broken
When my heart got opened said you needed me
You cheated me
I'm tired of being all alone
Since you won't call me on the phone
I've got it together now I'm gone
lone gone:..listen

As I close my eyes
I start thinking things
Is this love real love
And all that it brings
When I close my eyes
Only you I see
With another man
This is killing me


I'm far gone? No more using me you won't hurt me
I can't let that slide, no more using me you won't hurt all my pride


Oooh:.. Oooh::
All about
that's means if I wanna leave
you would want me
Every single night:baby

I am your only man
Every night Every morning
right by my side
C'mon and call me
Why you won't come back
You tell me you busy baby
If it's like that
Won't you let me know
Won't you let me know baby
C'mon:. You can be real with me
If I can get real with you
All I want is the real baby
All you gotta do is call out my name
You know I 'll be there for you
You keep me running
Oooh baby you got me sprung baby
Don't have to think about it
All you gotta do
Is think of me: think of Ginuwine
and I'll [echoes] be right there for you
Oooh:Oooh: Oooh:. Baby:..

Only When Ur Lonely : [fades out]

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