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Body language, signs, signals, non-verbal communication - the secret language.

Body Language Story and Quiz

See if you can read body language and discover -
Does Randy has a chance with the beautiful Maya?

Randy held his breath as Maya passed by his locker. He wanted to breathe in all the air around her, but his life involuntarily stopped whenever Maya was near.
He watched as she and her best friend Michelle continued toward their English class. Maya moved in a blur of swinging blue jeans and thick brunette hair.
Maya stopped, spun around and caught Randy's eye before he could look away.
"Oh jeez." He sputtered lowly as he quickly turned his head, reached into his locker and began furiously re-arranging books.
In an instant she was leaning against the locker next to his.
"Hiya Randy," she spoke then suddenly smiled a wide smile directly at him.
"Oh, hi, Maya." He half choked then he glanced at her as if she had magically appeared in a whirl of fairy dust.
As he turned toward her, Maya twisted a long strand of her brown hair behind her right ear into a springy ringlet.
"What's up?" Maya looked straight into his eyes with a calm gaze that could have taken his breath away, if he had any.
"Not," he could hear his heart as it struggled to crack his ribcage, "not much."
"You know the project we're supposed to do?" She asked as she leaned toward him.
"Um, yea, um, the English one?" Randy could feel his face heating as he struggled for the right words.
"That would be the one." Maya still smiling, tilted her head and continued, "Would you like to work on it with Michelle and me?"
"Sure!" Randy blurted. "I'm sure that would be great!"
"Okay, good!" Maya turned as if to head back to her class, "We'll figure out exactly when we can all get together - maybe tomorrow?"
"Great." Randy answered as she started down the hall. "Good." He called after the scent of lilacs that trailed behind her.
She turned back and flashed him a huge smile just before she disappeared through the classroom door.
"Wow." Randy inhaled deeply as he gathered his books, "Wow."
He closed his locker and was halfway down the hall to English before he realized he was walking like John Wayne.

Body Language quiz (answers below).

Maya :
a) is trying to trick Randy into working on the project just because he's smart
b) doesn't really like Randy
c) is setting Randy up for a date with her friend Michelle
d) is sneaky
e) likes Randy, alot

Correct Answer: e)

Why will Maya and Randy enjoy working on the English project?

In their conversation, Maya demonstrated:

1. Sincerity, trustworthiness.
A person who looks directly at another (or gazes) for a prolonged period without shifting eyes, is indicating trustworthiness, sincerity or caring.
Also, she gave Randy an authentic smile. A smile that "crests" or changes rapidly from a small facial movement to a broad open expression is a true smile.

2. Attraction to Randy Maya's tilted head and coiling her hair around a finger indicate her interest and attraction.

3. Interest in Randy
Maya's swing, in her blue jeans, as she walked past Randy indicated her interest in him. The female will often have an accentuated roll of the hips while walking near the object of her interest.

Randy, Maya is most definitely interested in you.

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