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Hush lyrics -- from Matt Kearney with The BEST love song lyrics and the best romantic love songs melody - like "Hush" lyrics ...

Hush -- with lovely love song lyrics to romantic songs and loads of love songs lyrics, music and love lyrics your favorite love music, Hush -- loose nothin Matt Kearney music video ...

   Love Song Lyrics - Hush


~ LL Cool J

Hush baby, wanna let ya know
This is how its gonna go
Hush baby, wanna let ya know
This is how it's gonna go
If you wanna come and play
Gotta do it my way
Hush baby, don't talk so much
Just wanna feel your touch
Everything will be ok
If you do it my way
Hush baby
You feel so good
Rest of my life I wish I could
Hold you tight and take a flight out the hood
Was I foul or just misunderstood
Mind mannered or up to no good
It really doesnt matter, either way I should
Maximize the moment and hold ya close
Jump in the drop spider and cruise down the coast
Who loved you the most
I was never ghost
When lives was on the line
Confusion in ya mind
Runnin' outta time
Drama of all kind
But there's faith in our mind
We spiritually inclined
Sometimes I flip
Sometimes you flip
Sometimes we wild out and act like lunatics
We movin too fast, the whole world's in a rush
Everybody just hush


Its all a test, the pain, the drama
The villa in the Bahamas
The highs, the lows
The hooptie, the Rolls
The money flowin'
Certain doors that we go in
The people we meet, the hands that we shake
Whether its Morton's or Sizzler steak
But everything will be okay
If we do it my way
'Cause I believe in romance
Kissin' while ya slow dance
Me bouncin baby- no chance
No matter the circumstance
Whatever it takes girl, I'll swim to France
'Cause your beauty's unmatched
Such a great catch
Unconditional love, forever we are attatched
Deal with the drama, we can find our way back
With or without the Maybach


I can feel your pain
Like we Siamese twins connected by our brains
Walkin' through the desert in the ice cold rain
Want you in my life and nothing's gonna change
God willin', we still be doin our thang
When my six pack's faded
Raps outdated
But thats many years from now so don't rush
Little mama just hush


Hush baby
Hush hush darling
Hush baby hush hush
Dont talk so much
Wanna feel ya touch

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