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Yeah lyrics -- with The BEST love song lyrics and the best romantic love songs melody - like "Yeah" lyrics ...

Lovely love song lyrics to romantic songs and loads of love songs lyrics, music and love lyrics your favorite love melody, Yeah -- Usher music video ...

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   Love Song Lyrics - Yeah


~ Usher

Up in the club with my homies, tryin' 'a get a lil V-I
But keep it down on the low key, 'cause you know how I feel
I saw shorty she was checkin up on me,
from the game she was spittin' in my ear you would think that she knew me
So we decided to chill

Conversation got heavy, she had me feelin like she's ready to blow
Watch out oh watch out
She's saying come get me
So I got up and followed her to the flo'
She said baby lets go
That's when I told her I said

Yeah yeah - shorty got down low and said come and get me
Yeah yeah - I got so caught up I forgot she told me
Yeah yeah - her and my girl used to be the best of homies
Yeah yeah - next thing I knew she was all up on me screaming

Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah

So she's all up in my head now
Got me thinking that it might good idea to take her with me
'Cause she's ready to leave
But I gotta keep it real now
'Cause on a one to ten she's a certified twenty, but that just ain't me

Because I don't know if I take that chance just where it's gonna lead
But what I do know is the way she dance makes shorty alright with me
The way she get low I'm like yeah
Just work that out for me
She asked for one more dance and I'm like yeah
How the hell am I supposed to leave
And I said -


My outfit's ridiculous, In the club lookin' so conspicuous
And rowl! These women all on the prowl, if you hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow
Forget about the game I'm a spit the truth, I won't stop till I get 'em in they birthday suits
So gimme the rhythm and it'll be off with they clothes, then bend over to the front and touch your toes
I left the Jag and I took the Rolls, if they aint cutting then I put em on foot patrol
How you like me now, when my pinky's valued over three hundred thousand
Lets drink you the one to please, Ludacris fill cups like double 'D's
Me and Ursh once more and we leave em dead, we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed

That say -


Take that and rewind it back Lil' Jon got the beat to make ya booty go -
Take that and rewind it back Ur-sher got the voice to make ya booty go -
Take that and rewind it back Luda-cris got the flow to make ya booty go -
Take that and rewind it back Lil' Jon got the beat to make ya booty go -

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