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Pheromones! The TRUTH About Pheromones
       Where to Find Them and Why you Want them!

    Although the concept of buying Pheromones is relatively new, Pheromones have been in existence as long as we have. It's just that not until recently were we able to harness and bottle their power.

    Pheromones Work...
  • What Exactly ARE Pheromones?
    Pheromones are actually chemicals that are secreted when we sweat. Although the Pheromones themselves don't have an odor or color, they have STRONG affects on behavior.
    These Pheromones actually are believed to have a stronger influence on sexual attraction and drive than any other single factor!

  • What are Pheromone Facts?
    "...Pheromones can improve one's love life, pheromones send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings."
    McCall's magazine

    "A male sex pheromone which has a scent that attracts females."
    Time (Vol.115 No.2)

    "The power of smell is undeniable... humans are influenced by airborne chemicals undetectable as odors, called pheromones. ...researchers at the University of Chicago say they have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones."
    CNN, March '98

    "It's something women don't consciously smell, it works on the olfactory nerves. The woman finds the man attractive but she doesn't know why."
    Lifestyle, Texas
  • How Exactly DO Pheromones work?
    There is an organ in our nasal cavity called the vomeronasal organ. This organ is the body's ONLY receptor for pheromones. Other receptors in the nose do not respond to pheromones, but respond to normal scents such as perfume, food odors, etc. The Vomeronasal organ does not respond to normal scents, but instead detects the odorless, barely perceptible pheromones. The Vomeronasal organ detects the Pheromones, and then causes biological reactions that affect our behavior (including sexual drive, desire, and choice of partners).

    Pheromones for men are scientifically proven to increase the presence of Luteinizing Hormone in women, which causes women to have a heightened sexual responsiveness toward the man secreting (or wearing) the Pheromones.

    Pheromones for women are scientifically proven to increase Testosterone levels in men, which causes them to have a heightened sexual responsiveness to the woman secreting (or wearing) the Pheromones.

  • How do I know Exactly WHICH Pheromones Will Work?
    There are literally thousands of Pheromone formulations on the market. Some claim to be the strongest, while others guarantee an 'animal' response. The fact of the matter is, two facts are of primary importance here. The first, is that the Pheromones you use must be HUMAN Pheromones in order to be most effective. Many formulations out there are not even human Pheromones.
    Also critical is that while some claim to be the "strongest", it is not the strength or concentration that is important as much as an optimum formulation.

    Exactly WHERE Do I Find These Pheromones?
    Love Pheromones Potion

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