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   Love Poetry

Country Morning

Three geese placed against a full moon,
soundlessly pounding,
saddling a terraced haze in
pleated iridescence.

Thick-furred bovines
garnish spiked fences.
Warm pink tongues puff morning clouds.
Wistful mahogany moons
trail the sky.

Brown velvet cattails
rise proud and still,
inviting pinches.
Rainbowed nets sheath the
tealed foils beneath them.

And I,
stand with the morning,
breathe the quiet,
thaw, and
at peace,
become the universe.

     Montana Blue

The Dream

Faded flowers of purple passion
lie scattered on the ground.
While shredded webs of promises
fall in a fragile mound.
Two shadows lick the ledges
of the window to my heart.
And whispers held in warm soft pillows
call me from the dark.

In the night I search for loving,
I may have never known.
I feel the touch of warmness,
a caress and then soft moan.
A depth of understanding
that may have never been.
A lifetime filled with longing
for the dream that lies within.

     Montana Blue

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Poetry: Original Poetry, Unpublished Lovepoems, Love Poems