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Psychic Readings:
Which type of Psychic Reading is for you?

The first and most important thing to remember is that no ONE type of psychic reading is necessarily the BEST or most accurate. For thousands of years, thousands or kinds of psychic readings have been used. The key to remember is that the psychic reading that works for your best friend may not be for you.

You need to decide which type of psychic reading you are most comfortable with. Below is a listing of psychic readings that may help you decide which is for you.

  • The 'Aura' Psychic Reading:
    Where the psychic observes, reads, and interprets the colors of the aura around your body. Many believe that each person's body is surrounded by a field called an aura, which differs in size, shape, intensity, and color from person to person.

  • The 'Tarot' Psychic Reading:
    Using Tarot cards.
    Click here to learn more about psychic readings with Tarot.

  • Palm Reading, or Palmistry:
    Using the lines, shapes, wrinkles and curves in a person's hand to divine a Psychic Reading.

  • Psychic Reading using 'Psychometry':
    Psychometry is the process of psychic observation through the use of an item that belongs to the person (such as a piece of clothing, or an object close to that person, or carried by them).

  • Astrology:
    The reading of an individual based upon their date of birth, using the planets and stars, and their alignments.

  • Numerology:
    The reading of an individual based specifically upon numerical values such as their date of birth, letters in their names, etc.

  • Physiognamy:
    Psychic reading through physical characteristics (usually facial features and head shape and bumps).

  • Runes, Crystals:
    Psychic Readings through the use of stones or crystals.

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