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Psychic Readings:
Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

Tarot Card Deck There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck. The types of cards are divided in two, Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana. The major Arcana cards represent things that are 'out of' the person's control. The Minor Arcana cards, also known as the suit cards, are just that, more minor aspects to the person's life.

Although there are thousands of differently decorated and designed Tarot decks available, the meanings of the individual cards remains similar.
Another important part of card reading is how the reader interprets each card's meaning.
The list of meanings below can vary from person to person, dependent upon their life situation.

Here is a brief explanation of each Major Arcana Card's meaning:

Fool - New beginnings, adventures, Innocence

Magician - Power, Action, Concentration, Mastery

High Priestess -Intuition, Wisdom, Education, Mystery

Empress - Mother, Fertility, Nature, Life, Teacher

Emperor - Father, Power, Authority, Wealth, Success, Courage

Hierophant - Knowledge, Education, Conformity, Dogma

Lovers - Relationships (lovers and family), Love

Chariot - Journey, Travel, Success

Strength - Strength, Courage, Conviction, Resolve

Hermit - Inner Strength, Loneliness, Solitude, Introspection, Spiritual Guidance

Wheel of Fortune - Fortune, Wealth, Change, Unexpected Events, Luck

Justice - Balance, Equality, Harmony, Legal Dealings

Hanged Man - Reversal, Self-Sacrifice, New Beginnings, Meditation

Death - Unexpected change, Transformation, Loss, Rebirth

Temperance - Harmony, Balance, Self-Control, Moderation

Devil - Violence, Negative Energy (and the need to release it), Obsession

Tower - Sudden Change, Loss (of friends or financial security)

Star - Faith, Hope, Optimism, Courage

Moon - Illusion, Confusion, Deception, Imagination, Dreams, Intuition

Sun - Love, Joy, Happiness, Success, Material happiness, Family Happiness

Judgement - Forgiveness, Rebirth, Positive Career Choice, Awakening

World - Fulfillment, Completion, Success

It is important to remember that this is not an all-inclusive or concrete list of meanings. Each card will carry different meanings to different people, depending upon their individual life situation. When you see the cards, your first instinct or feeling about the card is an important indicator of the card's meaning in your life.

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