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Valentine - Body Language and Valentine Message

Use Body Language!!!

Valentine smile with body language Number 1 tip
BE SURE you're sending a positive message with your body language!

Number 2 tip
in all cases SMILE and hold his/her gaze!!!

  Bake Valentine cookies, shaped into hearts, or with heart-shaped frosting.
Hand them out to a group of people when your "crush" is in the group.
Save one special cookie, offer it to the crushee, smile and say, "This is a special one - let me know if you like it."

Hold the crushee's gaze and touch an arm if you can.

OR bake a fortune cookie - and tuck your own personal message for the crushee into the cookie.

Think - laughing eyes...

SMILE - if you're not sure about your smile - practice!
In front of a mirror -
If you don't like what you see - WORK on it...
Buy tooth whitener - if you have to...
Of course, you want your smile to be real - no faking, no smirking - PLEASE - that's worse than no smile at all.

 What's the secret?
Think of things that make you smile or laugh.
Put together a list of things that you can think about before you start - fun things you've done, great people, jokes that make you twinkle!
You've just sent out a zinger of a Valentine message!!!
    Simple - But Effective Approach
Hand out candy hearts
Wink at your "crush" as you give your (candy) heart to him/her.

If you blush, all the better.

It sends out a strong message.

     and most of all -


        Cookies can work wonders...

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