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Bells Will be Ringing - The Eagles

Bells will be ringing,
the sad, sad news;
Oh, what a Christmas,
to have the blues;
My baby's gone;
I have no friends;
To wish me greetings,
once again;
Choirs will be singing,
Silent Night
Oh, Christmas Carols,
by candlelight;

Please come home for Christmas;
Please come home for Christmas;
If not for Christmas,
by New Year's Night;

Friends and relations;
Send salutations;
Sure as the stars
shine above;

This is Christmas,
Yeah, Christmas my dear;
The time of year to be with the one
you love;

So won't you tell me,
you'll never more roam;
Christmas and New Years
will find you home;
There'll be no more sorrow;
No grief or pain;
And I'll be happy, happy
it's Christmas once again

There'll be no more sorrow;
No grief and pain;
And I'll be happy
it's Christmas once again

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    There'll be no more sorrow;
    No grief or pain;
    And I'll be happy, happy
    it's Christmas once again

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