BFFs, Friendships, how friends act and who is a friend
Friends and Good Relationships with a Friend

How many times have you heard it?    "Friends first."
So many times - you begin to wonder if it isn't true.

Good friends usually have a base of common interests and belief systems, understand each other, can see each other's strengths and weaknesses (without being 'blinded' by love). If a relationship with a friend turns into something more, that's great. And if it doesn't - you still have someone who accepts you for what you are.     

"friends... they cherish one another's hopes.
They are kind to one another's dreams."
~ Henry David Thoreau

Making friends and maintaining friendships can be difficult for some people. The following is an excerpt from Chapter Nine of Psychological Self-Help:

"What characterizes a close, meaningful relationship?

(1) Friends spend time together, almost every day.

Friends (2) They interact freely, easily, and honestly. They feel safe enough to "be themselves," sharing their private feelings and experiences, both their successes and their failures.

(3) To last, both must get more satisfaction than hassle from the relationship. Both must feel they are getting a fair deal. Both must strive to make the other happy.

(4) There is a code of ethics between friends based on loyalty and trust. Friends are tolerant of and devoted to each other; they are fair, emotionally supportive, and willing to help whenever needed."

"Good advice is to take your time making a friend. It takes, on average, 3 years to become "best friends."

There are ups and downs in most friendships; some stresses may actually strengthen the relationship. Confide in each other, but go slow. If you think you are unloading too much or imposing on your friend, ask him/her about it.

Remember, almost no relationship will tolerate total frankness; we wisely refrain from telling a friend things that will hurt or drive him/her away. Also, be cautious about disclosing damaging information to friends who might pass it on. Avoid expecting too much time and help from just one or two friend(s). Likewise, don't acquire so many friends that you don't have time for your better friends when they need you. Look for opportunities to do things for and with your friends. Friends are valuable treasures but we need time alone."

Mental Health Net's Psychological Self-Help
The site from which the above excerpts were extracted. Check out this site for help and more interesting facts about friendships and interpersonal relationships.

"Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive."
~ Anais Nin

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