Does he want to kiss me or am I stuck in the friend zone
Does he want to kiss you?

Does that guy want to kiss you, or is he headed for the "Friend Zone"?
The Teen Kissing Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if he wants to KISS you!
Is he a friend or thinking about kissing youDoes he want to kiss me?
1. When you two are talking to each other alone, he usually looks:

a)  In my eyes.
b)  At his feet or my feet.
c)  Around, but not at me.
d)  At my mouth.
e)  At his watch.

2. If he ever touches me, it's usually:

a)  On the arm or hand.
b)  Sometimes he gives me a friendly hug.
c)  He's never touched me!
d)  A pat on the back.
e)  A playful pat or something making a joke.

3. When we're talking alone, his breath usually smells:

h)  Like whatever he just ate.
e)  I've never noticed, or I don't get close enough to be able to tell.
l)  Fresh, like he's had a mint or something.
p)  Like gum - he chews gum a lot.
m)  Like he just got out of bed.

4. When we talk (choose the answer that is most correct):

a)  He talks about sports a lot.
b)  He asks me a lot of questions about myself or what things I like.
c)  He always talks about himself.
d)  He speaks really softly.
e)  He seems interested in things I say.

5. When he's sitting near me or talking to me, his body language is:

a)  He leans forward.
b)  He leans back, and his legs or arms are crossed.
c)  He sits up straight.
d)  Fidgety or nervous.
e)  Relaxed.

6. When we're sitting somewhere he sits:

a)  Right next to me (like almost touching)..
b)  Less than two feet away from me.
c)  Two to three feet away from me.
d)  A little more than three feet away from me.
e)  Across the room or on another piece of furniture facing me.

7. How does he act when he's around me?

a)  He's always smiling and happy.
b)  Bored.
c)  Goofy, like he's nervous.
d)  Silly - like playing around or joking with me.
e)  Very quiet.

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