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The Links2Love Flirting Test - Flirting Quiz 101
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The Flirting Quiz
Take this quiz and find out if you're good at flirting, and pick up some tips on flirting!

1. In a crowded room, how do YOU give someone a subtle sign you like them?

a)  Poke them, and say "Hi, sexy!"
b)  Look at them, and when they look at you, smile a little, then look away.
c)  Wink at them.
d)  Just go up to them and start talking!
e)  Ignore them completely.

2. Complete this sentence: "I think flirting is..."

a)  Not that great, because they don't know how you truly feel.
b)  A great way to meet people!
c)  Super hard to do.
d)  Fun, but difficult to do with someone I don't know.
e)  Silly.

3. You see someone across the room who you think is attractive or you would like to meet. You:

a)  Wait until they leave and ask a friend later who the person was.
b)  Try to make eye contact with them.
c)  Have a friend go tell them you'd like to meet them.
d)  Walk past them and accidentally bump into them.

4. When I try to send someone a flirting signal by looking their way, I try to hold their glance:

a)  Until they look away.
b)  Two or three seconds.
c)  I usually look away as soon as they look at me.
d)  I smile and look away when they look at me.
e)  I'm usually too shy to look someone I like right in the eyes.

5. What do you find hard about flirting?

a)  I'm afraid the other person won't like me.
b)  It's not hard, it's easy, and fun!
c)  I'm afraid I'll look foolish in front of others.
d)  I don't want to seem too forward.
e)  I don't know, I've never tried it!

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