Perfect first date quiz -- do you pass or fail on a first date
What is Your First Date IQ? Do You Pass or Fail?

First Date QUIZ

First Date Quiz What is your First Date IQ?

Take this quiz and find out if you're a certifiable dating genius or you need to brush up before becoming a huge success in the dating world ... then read the "info on correct answer" sections for clues about dating, great conversation ideas and more ...

1. You finally got a date with that person you've hoped to go out with. What would you choose to do on your perfect first date:

a)  Candlelight dinner for two
b)  Lunch or cup of coffee
c)  Secluded lookout above the city
d)  Rock concert
e)  Movie

2. You pick up your date at their house. He or she answers the door.
The first words out of your mouth are:

a)  "Oh. You're here."
b)  "You look great! I love that shirt."
c)  "Damnnnn, you look sexy!"
d)  "Um, are you going to wear that?"
e)  "What's up?"

3. Ok, let's say you chose a movie. Which of the following movies would you choose (assuming they were released at the same time):

a)  Seed of Chucky
b)  Motorcycle Diaries (or any foreign language film with subtitles)
c)  Spongebob Squarepants the Movie
d)  Ocean's Eleven (or Twelve)
e)  Farenheit 911

4. A 'lull' in the conversation occurs during your date.
a)  Say nothing. It will take care of itself.
b)  Go to the bathroom.
c)  Tell a joke.
d)  Move in for the first kiss.
e)  Pretend your cell phone's ringing

5. The bill arrives for coffee or lunch or dessert.
a)  Grab the bill and absolutely INSIST on paying it
b)  Pretend the bill isn't there
c)  Pick it up, reach for your wallet and say "Dutch, right?" (meaning split the bill)
d)  Reach for it, but agree to go 'Dutch' if your date offers to pay
e)  Put your pet roach on a plate, call the waiter and insist that you won't pay

6. The dinner, movie, coffe, lunch is over, the bill is paid.
a)  Ask your date if they want to take a walk (weather providing)
b)  Ask your date if they want a piece of gum.
c)  Ask your date, "Your place, or mine?"
d)  Say "I've had a nice time."
e)  Say, "I really had fun, maybe we can come back and try the hot fudge brownie sometime."

7. As you're walking out of the restaurant or movie or store, you and your date both see a $50 bill next to the cashier. You pick it up and:
a) Say to your date, "Coffee's on me!"
b) Stuff it in your pocket, without saying a word.
c) Tell your date "I saw it first!", and jump on it!
d) Hand it to the cashier, telling them "someone must have dropped this."
e) Race out the door as you promise to split it with your date.

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