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Body language, signs, signals, non-verbal communication - the secret language.

Body Language Story and Quiz

Body Language Tales
Kelly and Shawn

See if you can read body language...
What is Shawn accidentally saying -
about himself?

Kelly thought Shawn was so tight and now he had finally asked her out...! To dinner, no less.
She struggled to pick out the perfect outfit to wear that night and finally slipped into the sleek little black dress that she knew set off her blonde hair.
Her heart flipped when Shawn picked her up. When he leaned over to her in his creamy white shirt and handed her a single pink rose, she could barely breathe.
Was this her prince charming?
They drove down the coast at sunset to Chez Bon.
As they walked through the door of the cozy restaurant, it hummed with the rumble of low voices as a late summer breeze wound lazily across the room.
Shawn seated Kelly at the table and looked down at her briefly.
He smiled a quick half-smile, sat down, then immediately reached for the menu.
Shawn concentrated on the menu, and Kelly studied his face in the flickering golden glow of the candlelight.
His eyebrows were gathering toward the center of his face.
Were the dinners too expensive? Or did he not see the exquisite gourmet meal that he sought?
Shawn glanced up at Kelly and smiled. His eyes seemed hidden in the dimness of the candlelight, but she could see that the skin at the outside corner of his eyes remained flat and uncrinkled.
He spoke through his smile, "Not hungry. I'm just having a salad."
Shawn placed the menu beside his plate and crossed his arms. He leaned back into his chair, glanced toward the kitchen, then with a quick flutter of blinks added, "But feel free to order whatever you'd like."

Body Language quiz (answers below).

Kelly is going to:
a) order ice water
b) have a wonderful dinner date (with someone else next weekend)
c) marry Shawn
d) hear her phone
e) pay for her own dinner
f) a, b, d and probably e.

Correct Answer: f)

If you answered c) - this actually has a low probability of occurrence unless Kelly is from a severely dysfunctional family and has not resolved her issues.

Why will Kelly's date suck?

At the restaurant, Shawn has so far demonstrated:
1. A lack of sincerity.
Researchers can tell when a smile is true by analyzing the movements of over 80 facial muscles involved in smiling,.
The smile is probably fake if there is not a crinkle in the skin at the middle, outside corner of the eyes.

2. A tendency toward irritability.
When someone is annoyed, the eyebrow muscles draw the eyebrows down and toward the center of the face.

3. Dishonesty.
Shifty eyes and blinking eyes can indicate deception. People with eye movements that are relaxed are seen as more sincere and honest. Eye contact that is maintained can show a person is trustworthy, sincere or caring.

4. Defensiveness
Arms crossed across the chest generally indicates defensiveness.


Dump him Kelly!
(Looks aren't everything.)

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