Dating etiquette for guys - things they don't talk about any more.
Dating Etiquette for Guys
Dating Etiquette - Politeness - Manners Matter for Guys...

NUMBER ONE RULE: Turn off the cell phone
If you don't, then none of the other etiquette and politeness tips below count for ANYTHING
You might as well eat with your fingers and throw up on your date's shoes.
No texting!
No frequent trips to the bathroom -- which are a giveaway for calls and texts being completed out of sight.

Politeness and concern for other person
  • When should a guy stand up for a girl?
    Traditional etiquette is for a boy/guy/man/gentleman to stand when a girl/gal/woman/lady enters the room, and when she departs.

    In general - anyone, regardless of gender, should stand when an elder, or a very important person, enters or leaves the room.

  • What about door etiquette?
    A polite guy/gentleman opens doors for girls. Holding the door is worth extra points rather than just flinging it open.
    Open the door, step to the side while the girl passes through (nod with an, "After you," if she hesitates - she could be mildly stunned).
    Girls - at this point, thank the guy, smiles are good - always nice to encourage kind behavior in anyone.
    Guys - respond, "You're welcome," and, when the girl's gone through the door, go through it yourself.

  • And revolving door etiquette?
    Guys, when walking with a girl, if you encounter a revolving door, you should enter it first so that you can push the door.
    (No fair spinning it out of control - that's for your guy-buds.)

  • Opening the car door - a good practice that indicates respect...

    Simple things count
  • Something as simple as carrying a drink to her or ensuring that she orders first is common politeness ...

  • What is the etiquette for walking into a room?
    When walking into a room or walking to seats at a theater, concert hall, movie theater, church, lecture hall, the girl goes first, both into the room and the row of seats.

  • Similarly, in a restaurant, maitre d' or hostess leads you to a table, the girl precedes the guy.

  • When a girl takes a seat at a table, the guy pulls out her chair for her. This may take a bit of practice to be done gracefully, however, it is a sign to everyone, including the girl, that at least he is thoughtful and knows what to do.

  • Eating Etiquette Basics: If you're in a fancy restaurant and have no idea of which plate or diningware to deal with, at least wait and watch what she does.
    • Once seated, your napkin immediately goes onto your lap
    • Utensils are generally set to be used from the outer side to the inside
    • Soup spoons on far right
    • Tiniest fork on far left (appetizer fork)
    • Small knife - butter knife -- once used is to be set across top of bread/roll plate
    • Knife and fork, after each use to be set back onto dinner plate
    • Upon completion of meal, knife and fork placed adjacent to each other on plate in 10:00 -4:00 position (tip of knife, prongs of fork pointing at 10:00)
    • If you leave the table during the meal, place your napkin on your chair and the knife and fork like a tepee - pointing from the center of your plate like clock hands pointing at 8:00 and 4:00 (this tells the waiter you are coming back and are still eating your meal)
    • Break your bread / rolls into pieces to eat -- and only cut a few pieces of meat at any one time

    These are just basics. If you really want to impress her the old-fashioned way, you can read up more on dining etiquette and general etiquette. Even if you're not dating, knowing the general rules of politeness and how to eat correctly can go a long way later on in social situations and job situations.

    NOTE: These basics are especially important if you are around older people -- if you're in a job, job interview or meeting your friend / date's family. The older a person is, the more aware they are of the signs of what they might consider "good breeding" or education and training. Good 'etiquette' is seen as a indication of 'character' which can greatly influence their first impression of you.

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