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Flirts, signals, body language, how to flirt, how to tell if someone is flirting!!

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Flirtation, Flirting Signals, Flirt, Flirter, Flirting Signs!

Love a good flirtation? Try our flirting signals for the perfect flirt - necessary for every expert flirter - a knowledge of flirting signs!

Flirting Tips and More

   Are you a fledgling flirt, floundering as you frantically finagel fulfillment of flirting fantasies?

- OR -

  Are you a fullfledged flagrant flambouyant flirter, freely flaunting your flair for fabulous flirtations?

   Do you realize that you might be accidentally flirting?
Fabulous flirtation, signals, body language, how to flirt, how to tell someone is flirting!!

   Or even worse - sending the wrong messages or NOT reading the signals correctly from some cutie!

For example:

When a guy leans back in his chair, arches his back, puffs his chest, and puts his arms behind his head - is he flirting or just sending a power signal?

- OR -

If a woman looks you in the eye and twirls her hair around her fingers or strokes her hair lightly with her hand - is she bored or flirting with you?

If you'd like to find out exactly what flirting signs are, check out our "How to Tell She Likes You" list of major flirtation signals.
"How to Tell HE Likes You"

If you want to check out your own "Flirtability" Quotient or find out if you are a public flirter or your flirting goes too far - feel free to flirt with the quizzes listed in our "Dating" section.

There's more terrific information about flirting with fabulous tips in "Dating" AND in the "Top Ten List of Flirting Tips" AND in a comparison of human and animal instincts...

The nitty gritty details are in the body language sections!!!
OR find out to attract the object of your affection (Like Ants to Grape Jelly) with the 5 Secrets of Attraction
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  • MORE - " How to Tell if He Likes You!" Tips

    Want to check out MORE teen flirting and quizzes?

    OR - start with eye contact and work up from there...
    OR - read up on the science of flirting and our animal instincts...

    Are you a flirt?
    Check out your 'Flirtability Factor' with Flirting quizzes!

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