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How many people out there either have had, or are currently having an 'online' relationship?

The fact of the matter is, more and more teens are reporting that they have become emotionally involved with or even fallen in love with someone over the Internet.

Online dating Often times this subject is ignored, and not talked between friends, or with parents, but that doesn't stop thousands of people from developing sincere feelings for another over the Internet.

Free online dating has become a popular subject among both teens and adults. Many people find a sense of security by looking for a romantic connection from the comfort of their own home. There's a difference between online dating and dating online, however; this article pertains primarily to the subject of teens dating online. Like just about anything else, dating online has both pros and cons. Here's a brief rundown:

  • Safety - As long as you don't divulge any personal information and are not traceable (through an email address or accidentally dropped clues)

    Use a secondary email address. Don't reveal details like where you stay, your school, mobile number, or job address

  • If you decide to get together -- be certain it's in a very public place. Do NOT permit the person to pick you up or indicate where you live.
  • Do your research.
    A large number of people have multiple active profiles on dating or social networking sites. Google the dating name, the real name, if you have it, and find what pops up. Often you may find conflicting information under the same 'profile' name. This is a big warning sign.

    If everything seems kosher, and you want to speak to the person by phone, do NOT use a home or office phone number. Use a free phone service like Skype or Google phone to protect yourself.
    Handsome foreign movie star
  • PHOTOS -- can be a BIG give away.
    We know someone who recently talked with another individual via phone (Google phone number, of course) several times.

    As a final check, after multiple Google name-checks, before setting up an in-person meeting, our friend decided to check the photo of their potential-datee.

    They copied the photo from the dating site and ran a check on it through

    Sure enough, they almost fell over when the photo actually matched up to a handsome foreign movie star.
    Online dating - photo check
  • Meeting -- Once you decide to meet with someone -- after half an hour of casual chat in person at a coffee shop or other PUBLIC place, you can probably get a feeling for the sincerity of the other person.

    If you feel the least bit uncomfortable or hear even some vague inner voice (or stomach-flipping, "gut feeling") indicating that something is off -- your stomach is generally right -- and you do not need to meet this person again.
  • Variety / choice of people - There are millions of possibilities out there!

  • Inexpensive - All those first date dinner bills and outfits can add up!
  • Lack of Emotional Commitment (not a positive for everyone, see below)
        - It's easier to end an online relationship

    Faked photos, dating scams, cheaters, creeps -- you NEVER know...

  • You can't be sure who is on the other end
    Names, ages, cities and, of course, photos can easily be faked

  • For example: Who would you rather date?

    (Roll your cursor over the photo to see exactly who your new love would be...)

    Gimme a call, toots    OR     Gimme a call, toots - It's still me, the letch, but you can't tell when I put up the other dude's photo, heh, heh

    Call me sweetie. I just love this photo I snagged from the Internet.     OR    Call me sweetie, oops, accidentally put up my driver's license photo...

  • Lack of commitment - You never know for sure what the other person is doing
  • Lack of eye / physical contact - Remember at least 50% of what people are telling you comes from body language signs - a mere 7% from words
  • The potential for predators
  • Fantasy vs reality

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