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FREE #IMAGINE Justin Bieber what if he followed you on Twitter? Belieb and it could happend, it could come true - the JB dream. Use your imagination and imagine that it's beliebal. Think positive. Belieb in yourself.

 #IMAGINE and the Justin Bieber Imaginatorium:
#IMAGINE -- Justin Bieber Follows You on Twitter
Could There be Anything Tweeter?
Chapter One

You're sitting there, right now, watching Twitter update. Scroll, scroll, scroll, as usual, the messages are coming in faster than you can read them. It looks like someone's reTweeted another of Justin's old tweets again... where's the reTweeter's name, it's...


ASFASTASYOUPOSSIBLYCAN, you send your saved drafts, again like you've done so many times before, all the time in your mind, thinking "Justin, please notice me, Justin, please notice me, please see these, Justin please see one of them..."

It's late- you have school tomorrow, and you reach to turn off the light. You've got a smile on your face, re-reading Justin's Tweet about his concert tomorrow.

One last update, checking your @mentions, reTweets, Justin Bieber's page... and there it is.

It CAN'T be.

Is it REALLY there?

Are you seeing things?

There's a little envelope icon next to the green 'following' icon below Justin Bieber's name.

But then you check his page. Right there, is one of YOUR Tweets.

It's TRUE.

It can mean only ONE THING!

JB followed YOU Justin... Bieber... has... followed... you!!!

Then you SCREAM. And SCREAM again, and again and AGAIN!

It was like a reflex, you didn't mean to do it- but before you know it, your whole family is at your bedroom door, wondering who broke in the house and attacked you. You can't put any words together- you just keep screaming, and pointing at the computer screen. Tears are streaming down your face, and your sister walks into your room and looks at the screen. She sees it. She can't believe it! There's the telltale little envelope icon that can only mean one thing.

Then you SCREAM, and SCREAM again, and again and AGAIN!

Your eyes tear up, too. Your mom rolls her eyes and goes back to bed. You and your sister hug each other as if you hadn't seen each other in five years. You hug, screaming, crying, trembling, and shaking all at once. Your heart is beating so fast- like you just ran a marathon and sprinted the whole way- your face is wet with tears of joy!

You have no idea what to do. You just stare at the screen. You take a picture with your phone. You kiss the screen. You kiss the picture of Justin next to the computer. You kiss your sister.

No one can understand how you feel right now- it's as if your life is complete.

You've been followed by Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber knows who you are.

He noticed you.

You feel like your life is suddenly complete.

Only you have no idea the good things that are in store for you in the near future...

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