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Justin Bieber Quiz

Think you know JB -- know ALL about him. Are you a genuine true belieber? Take this quiz and see How well you REALLY know Justin Bieber -- find out if you are Belieber material.

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Chapter Three: The HARD Justin Bieber Quiz!

You surely ACED the basic quiz, and probably breezed through the Medium Justin Bieber quiz too.

But NOW, we're getting down to the little known facts about the pop superstar. These questions will test the knowledge of even the more dedicated Justin Bieber fans, and yes, may confound some Beliebers out there.

But, you're not afraid, right? You know your JB.

Now, brace yourself, sit back, concentrate, and see if you can pass this- the HARD Justin Bieber Quiz

1. We all know who signed Justin Bieber, but who was it who originally discovered Justin Bieber on YouTube?

 Justin Timberlake
 Dr. Dre
 Jeremy Mallette
 Scooter Braun
 Leonardo DaVinci

2. How old was Justin Bieber when he first sang at Madison Square Garden?

 17 years old
 16 years old
 14 years old
 12 years old
 13 years old
 15 years old
 4 months old

3. Which of the following is one of Justin Bieber's friends from his home town?

 Scooter Braun
 Ryan Butler
 Jaden Smith
 Kenny Hamilton
 Jeremy Cowling
 Diane Dale
 Bart Simpson

4.Which instrument does Justin Bieber's father play?

 Bowed Psaltery

5. The name of Justin Bieber's pet snake is:

 Simon Cowell

6. What is Justin Bieber's favorite candy?

 Sour Patch Kids
 Jolly Ranchers
 Gummi Bears
 Sugared Olives

7. At what age did Justin Bieber have his first kiss?

 He hasn't yet!

8. What did Justin Bieber report to be his most embarassing moment?

 He asked out Beyonce and was rejected
 His voice cracked while singing a song during one of his concerts
 He broke his foot on stage
 He asked out Rihanna and was rejected
 He ran into a sliding glass door on camera
 A paparazzi took a picture of him in his underwear
 When he saw this quiz online

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