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Bieber Fever
Bieber Fever and Facts

Justin Bieber

World's Hardest Justin Bieber Quiz

How well do you REALLY know Justin Bieber -- take this nearly impossible Bieber test to find out. This is the most challenging JB quiz -- only for the hardiest of Beliebers. Highest level of difficulty and most obscure facts about the Biebs.
Are you a Belieber beyond compare?
The 'Justin Bieber Academy of Quizzes'

The World's Hardest Justin Bieber Quiz! (So Far)

Congrats for making it this far!

The other quizzes got a little tough- but THIS quiz will surely stump over 99.9% of all true Beliebers!

Go forth and embrace your inner Bieber...

If you know Justin Bieber's phone number, we're sure you'll breeze through this...

You've surely heard of this quiz- maybe on Facebook, Twitter or from your friends- but now it's time for you to try the World's Hardest Justin Bieber Quiz

1. What was one of the songs that Justin Bieber sang in one of the videos that Scooter Braun discovered on YouTube?

 Get Back - The Beatles
 Love In An Elevator - Aerosmith
 We Are The Champions - Queen
 Respect - Aretha Franklin
 Like A Virgin - Madonna

2. The day after Justin Bieber appeared on Saturday Night Live for the first time, he gave a small, intimate concert for just a few hundred of his most devoted fans. Where was this concert held?

 Carnegie Hall
 The Highline Ballroom
 The Lincoln Center
 The Hippodrome
 The Lyceum Theater
 The New Amsterdam Theater
 Madison Square Garden

3. Which one of the following is NOT one of Justin Bieber's alter-egos?

 Derek Bieber
 Jason McCann
 Shawty Mane
 Drummer Boy
 Just In Beeper
 Jason Deeps

4.Which of the following songs did Justin Bieber NOT record?

 Latin Girl
 Pick Me
 First Kiss
 Stuck In The Moment
 Kiss And Tell

5. Which of the following Justin Bieber lyrics are INCORRECT?

 "Let's make this a night the two of us remember"
 "Baby, we both have the right to disagree"
 "Girl without you I'm lost"
 "I thought I could never feel this free"
 "You are my answer, my means"
 "Let's start over once more"
 "Is that the reason you stayed"
 "Give you everything you need"

6. Justin Bieber's first release was called "My World". On what date was it released?

 December 19th, 2009
 July 9th, 2009
 September 16th, 2009
 November 6th, 2009
 January 14th, 2010
 December 7th, 2009
 November 17th, 2009
 January 10th, 2010

7. In August of 2011, Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car accident. What make, model and color of car was he driving at the time?

 Black Range Rover
 Silver Rolls Royce Phantom
 Red Ferrari 458 Italia
 Silver Mercedes SLS AMG
 Black Audi R8
 Purple Smart Car
 Yellow Porsche GT3
 Black Ferrari F430

8. What is Justin Bieber's home phone number?


Just kidding! We don't even know Justin Bieber's phone number!
Please don't call any of these numbers!
But if you DO happen to know Justin Bieber's phone number, let us know, and we will give you extra credit on the quiz! We'll give you a point for answering any of the above.

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