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Justin Bieber - Never Say Never

Justin Bieber Quiz

How well do you know Justin Bieber -- take this Bieber test to find out. Give credit where credit is due
How Well do you Know Justin Bieber
The 'Justin Bieber' QUIZ

The Basic Justin Bieber Quiz?
Do you call yourself a true 'Belieber', or are you just a fan? Either way, you should be able to pass this most basic of Justin Bieber quizzes, right? ...

1. What color are Justin Bieber's eyes?

a)  Hazel
b)  Green
c)  Blue
d)  Brown

2.Justin Bieber's favorite color is:

a)  Blue
b)  Purple
c)  Green
d)  Black
e)  Red

3. Which of the following women DID Justin Bieber actually date?

a)  Miley Cyrus
b)  Taylor Swift
c)  Selena Gomez
d)  Demi Lovato
e)  Demi Moore

4.What was the correct name of Justin Bieber's first album?

a)  My World
b)  Only You
c)  Believe
d)  Never Say Never
e)  Never Say Neener

5. What celebrity signed Justin Bieber?

a)  Justin Timberlake
b)  Chris Brown
c)  Dr. Dre
d)  Usher
e)  Simon Cowell

6. What is Justin Bieber's home town?

a)  Stratford, Ontario
b)  Atlanta, Georgia
c)  Lansing, Michigan
d)  Seattle, Washington
e)  Honolulu, Hawaii

7. Which of the following people is Justin Bieber good friends with?

a)  Demi Lovato
b)  Rihanna
c)  Dr. Dre
d)  Sean Kingston
e)  Sean Connery

8. Which musical instrument does Justin Bieber NOT play?

a)  Piano
b)  Violin
c)  Guitar
d)  Trumpet

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Beiber Quiz
Quiz - Justin Bieber Basic Quiz
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