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Celebrity Wig - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Compatibility Quiz

Justin Bieber compatibility test. Are you compatibile with JB? You know all about Justin Bieber, you've said you love him more times than anything else lately.
BUT, would the two of you hit it off if you actually went on a date? Would you have enough in common with Justin Bieber to keep the conversation from grinding to an awkward halt, followed by you just staring dreamily into his eyes (although that doesn't sound THAT bad, does it)? Take the "Would Justin Bieber Date Me?" QUIZ

Don't burst my balloon
How much do you and Justin Bieber have in common? JB Compatibility Quiz
The 'Justin Bieber Academy of Quizzes' - The 'Would Justin Bieber Date Me?' Quiz

JB - Date Me?
Advanced Studies: The 'Would Justin Bieber Like Me' Quiz and Justin Bieber Compatibility Quiz!

This is important- answer these questions honestly if you want honest results.
You already know Justin likes honest and 'real' people...
So give this quiz a try and see how high the likelihood is that you and Justin Bieber would hit it off...

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1. If you and Justin Bieber were going out for a fun-filled evening, and he told you to wear comfortable shoes, you would probably choose:

 Running shoes
 Ugg Boots
 High heels

2. What type of food would you order if he asked you to order for him?

 Liver and Onions
 A salad
 I'd refuse to order for him and tell him to do it himself

3. What type of candy would you buy for the both of you at the movies?

 Junior Mints
 Licorice (black)
 Licorice (red)
 Sour Patch Kids
 I wouldn't get candy. It might rot his beautiful teeth!

4.What color is your hair?


5. What religion do you follow?


6. How would you react when you first met Justin Bieber?

 You would tell him how you're his BIGGEST fan, and in love with him.
 You would run up and hug him!
 Youd ask him to marry me.
 You would try to act natural, and make him laugh.
 You would take a couple pictures to preserve the moment.
 You would pass out, but probably wake up quickly.

7. If Justin Bieber asked you what qualities made you want to date him, you would say:

 His eyes and/or hair.
 His party lifestyle.
 His personality and sense of humor.
 His voice and talent.
 His money.

8. If you had to describe yourself as a combination of two celebrities, who would they be?

 Madonna and Julia Roberts
 Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole
 Beyonce and Rihanna
 Demi Lovato and Drew Barrymore
 Usher and Lil' Wayne
 Lady GaGa and Lady Gaga's male alter ego

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Are You and Justin Bieber Compatible?
Quiz - Would Justin Bieber Date You?
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Quizzes Justin Bieber compatibliity quiz -- about cebebrities and Justin Bieber-- am I compatible with JB and would Justin Bieber date me? How would you do on a date with Justin Bieber.