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It Feels Like Christmas

It Feels Like Christmas

If you want to see me
Don't break down and cry
I can be your sweetie
If you be a friend of mine
And I won't be forsaken
If you think thoughts unkind
Just bring home the bacon
And bring it home on time

Hey Louie, can't you see
I couldn't leave you if I tried
Hey Louie, listen to me
We got a thing so dignified
It don't matter if we lived in a shack
Or in a shiny Cadillac
It don't matter rich or poor
When love is knocking at your door

It feels like Christmas
Just like Christmas
It feels like Christmas with you

Hey Louie, life is sweet
I can't be bitter
When you're here with me
Hey Louie, no regrets
Holding on to things
That you ought to forget
Well, it doesn't matter tit for tat
'Cause what you give
You get it back
It don't matter anymore
When love is knocking at your door

It feels like Christmas
Just like Christmas
It feels like Christmas with you,
Everytime I see ya
Everytime I hear ya
Everytime I'm near ya,
I'd be happy
Because it feels like Christmas
Just like Christmas
It feels like Christmas


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It Feels Like Christmas -- Music Video

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