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Petra-fied about guys - Petra talks about Tarzan and Jane - and Jane's issues ... giving it all up for one guy

Petra-fied about guys - Petra talks about Tarzan and Jane

Petra-fied about Guys:
Are we ever good enough?
(Continued - Part 2)
Return to Part 1

Will we finally realize - that we are already perfect the way we are.

Most men claim to be perfect (or near-perfect), so why can't we believe it about ourselves?

We're surrounded by romance novels and tales of romance, loaded with self-confident men. The hero, fine the way he is, strong, unchangeable, perfect - sees himself that way.

Jane? and Tarzan For example: the romance of Tarzan and Jane.

Everyone believes Tarzan to be incredible (speaking of incredible, "Hulk" was the last, even though he’s a little too green for me).

Since our childhoods, we have read or watched the story of Tarzan - with great respect and admiration for him. This man, with a very limited vocabulary and barely clothed, raised by gorillas in the jungle, spends his days swinging on branches with monkeys, guessing the time by the sun.

But, he is the great, fantastic hunk, Tarzan.

Meanwhile, there’s Jane, a young educated woman from New York City, who is barely mentioned or noticed in early segments of their story. Well, eventually she is, but she's only recognized after she falls in love with him (or actually, after Tarzan falls in love with her).
When Jane arrives in ‘Jungleville’ fully dressed in her vintage Prada dress, she is a woman with goals.

She has a future, ambition, drive and sass!

After several days in pure nature, Jane is transformed.

Her behavior changes, as do her manners and style.

She replaces her fashionable dress (which ends up ripped from trying to do a flip from a cliff) with a cheerleader-type skirt made out of leopard skin, and she converts to a "wild" woman.

She is willing to do it all for Tarzan.

On the other hand, when Tarzan leaves for New York to prove to Jane his love for her, not only do the monkeys suffer a nervous melt down, but so does he.

After a couple days of living in the big city, Tarzan realizes that he just can’t be without the things he was used to. Maybe Central Park wasn’t wild enough? Or the trees didn’t fill his expectations?

Finally Jane can't stand the horrific look on her fiancé’s face any longer. So, she returns to the jungle with him. They have a beautiful wedding by an exotic waterfall, and Jane learns how to make hunting weapons. So much for ambition and sass.

This tale doesn’t make Tarzan a bad guy, just not the right guy for Jane.

Instead of changing herself, she should have stitched her Prada back together, returned to New York City, found the guy who loved her for who she is and she shouldn't have changed a single hair on her head.

As should you and I.

Feel PRADA about yourself!

Go back to being who you truly are, not what you think will make you more well-liked, desirable.

Sooner or later, you will realize that you’re perfect and perfectly interesting because you are your true self - just the way you are.

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Petra-fied about guys - Petra talks about love, romance, dating with advice on just how much we should change and sacrifice to become the 'perfect chick' for our 'perfect guy.'

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