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Absence - Pablo Neruda
I have scarcely left you
when you go in me, crystalline,
or trembling,
or uneasy, wounded by me
or overwhelmed with love, as when your eyes
close upon the gift of life
that without cease I give you.

My love,
we have found each other
thirsty and we have
drunk up all the water and the blood,
we found each other
and we bit each other
as fire bites,
leaving wounds in us.

But wait for me,
keep for me your sweetness.
I will give you too
a rose.


Apenas te he dejado,
vas en mi, cristalina
o temblorosa,
o inquieta, herida por mi mismo
o colmada de amor, como cuando tus ojos
se cierran sobre el don de la vida
que sin cesar te entrego.

Amor mio,
nos hemos encontrado
sedientos y nos hemos
bebido toda el agua y la sangre,
nos encontramos
con hambre
y nos mordimos
como el fuego muerde,
dejandonos heridos.

Pero esperame
guardame tu dulzura.
Yo te dare tambien
una rosa.
Love Poem - free love poetry - Absence

Listen to "Absence" sung in Spanish...

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    Absence - Pablo Neruda - love poem, love poetry, romantic, cute, sweet poems with classic, vintage and famous love poems that everyone loves - old and new, fresh and classical popular poems. Absence put to music in Spanish -- listen to song, sung with words of the Chilean poet Neruda - Music video -- Free Love Poem from the poet Pablo Neruda and the best romantic poems and love poetry - 'Absence' from the incomparable poet - the poet of love - Pablo Neruda Pablo was born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto in Parral, Chile on July 12, 1904.