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A Free Fun Survey

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The Free Fun Survey
Take this survey and have fun!

1. How many times a day do you think about going crazy?

a)  Never.
b)  More than 3 but less than 37.
c)  I didn't, until I read this question, but now I think I must be!
d)  Constantly.
e)  Think? I already am!
f)  Eleventy-seven times.
g)  Pistachios.

2. Twice the up is equal to half of the:

a)  Difference.
b)  Kumquat.
c)  Whakka whakka sipzip bloo!
d)  Oh, give me a break, PLEASE.
e)  Persimmons in my hat.
f)  Elephant.

3. If you put my entire family into an electromagnetic personality human combiner centrifuge, out would walk:

a)  The Cat In The Hat.
b)  A five legged purple man eating albatross with wings on its feet.
c)  My dad, and he'd ask for a beer.
d)  George W. Bush.
e)  Albert Einstein, but he would look like Brad Pitt.
f)  Ellen DeGeneres, with an afro, and on steroids.

4. Lopsam dibsits hullabaloo?

a)  Salinky sming!
b)  I don't speak Gershon.
c)  Oh, My, God. I was just thinking that!
d)  Huh?
e)  You spelled "lopsam" wrong, you infidel fool! Anyone knows its "lopsem"!!!
f)  Jennifer Love Hewitt.

5. The last book I read was:

a)  A schoolbook.
b)  In a language I don't understand.
c)  Fiction.
d)  Friction!
e)  Upside down and backwards.
f)  "How To Cook Humans" by Commander Gerg of the Zorgnuts.
g)  Huh?

6. Right now I am wearing (choose the closest answer if you're wearing something even stranger):

a)  Clothing normally worn by the opposite sex.
b)  More than fourteen layers of clothing.
c)  Three gallons of butterscotch syrup.
d)  The pelts from 127 rats that I killed with a plastic spoon whlie sleeping in my mom's basement.
e)  Jennifer Love Hewitt.

7. The thing that bugs me the most is:

a)  This ridiculous survey.
g)  My Superior Vena Cava.
5)  Walnuts.
9)  When I pull out my eyelashes and try to use them as toothpicks but then I remember I don't have any teeth.
k)  The number 377.
2)  People who say things like "you know what bugs me the most?"

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