True love test - is it a crush or true love - take the quiz and find out

See If It's True Love, a Silly Crush or Infatuation

Puppy Love or Hearts Aflame??????

The True Love or Crush Quiz
Take this quiz and find out if your relationship is true love, a little crush, puppy love, a silly crush or something in between!
1. When the two of you are in public, talking to each other, your significant other:

a)  Usually listens to me, but seems distracted sometimes.
b)  Doesn't pay as much attention as I'd like.
c)  Acts like I'm the only other person alive.
d)  Listens intently to what I have to say and seems truly interested.
e)  Asks me if I'm done talking yet.

2. If you haven't seen your significant other in what has seems like a long time, you:

a)  Are more relaxed and happy than normal.
b)  Are lost without your other half.
c)  Miss him/her, but it's no big deal.
d)  Miss him/her more every minute, and think about them constantly.
e)  Look for a date to keep you busy.

3. If the two of you have a disagreement:

a)  It's usually a blowout, and we won't talk for hours, or days.
b)  I feel like breaking up.
c)  We resolve things pretty quickly and respect each other's opinions.
d)  Talk things out calmly once we cool off.
e)  Disagreement? We've never had one!

4. If someone asked you to describe why you two are so in love, you'd most likely say:

a)  Because we have so much in common.
b)  Have a hard time describing it, other than how amazing you make each other feel inside.
c)  Because our families get along so well.
d)  Because we're so physically attracted to each other.
e)  What do you think, honey?

5. The typical Friday night together involves:

a)  Keeping busy with a movie or party or something.
b)  Hanging out with friends.
c)  Being alone, spending quiet time together.
d)  It doesn't seem to matter what we do, we just enjoy doing it together.
e)  Lots of cursing.

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Crush Quiz - How to tell if it's true love and not just infatuation or a silly crush or not a crush at all - love test and relationship quiz - Are you infatuated with someone -- or is it truly love? Quizzes will let you know... how to tell the difference between the real thing and a passing crush.