The kissing quiz -- how are your kissing skills -- test them with this quiz
The Kissing Quiz

The Kissing Quiz
Kissing quiz - talented kisser or needing practice

Take this quiz and find out if you're a talented kisser, or you need some more practice!

1. How would you describe the perfect kiss?

a)  Like a firm handshake. Let them know you're not weak.
b)  Whatever both people want and like.
c)  WET. The wetter, the better!
d)  Passionate.
e)  On the back of my hand.

2. The best location for a kiss is:

a)  In a dark, private area with the blinds closed.
b)  Anywhere, if we both feel like kissing!
c)  At the movies.
d)  In a restaurant.
e)  On the back of my hand!

3. For a first kiss, my hands usually are:

a)  In my pockets.
b)  On my partner's face or head.
c)  All over the place.
d)  Clasped together behind me.
e)  Holding his/her hand.

4. A good first kiss is done:

a)  With tight, firm lips.
b)  Mouth open wide, wet, and passionate.
c)  As quickly as possible.
d)  Slowly and softly.
e)  On the cheek.

5. A really, really wet kiss is best:

a)  All the time!
b)  To show you really like someone.
c)  Good if the time is right and both partners enjoy it.
d)  Only from a dog!
e)  As a first kiss.


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