Dating quiz - am I a good date?  Quiz with questions and answers about a date.
Am I a Good Date?

Am I a good date?
The Date Quiz!

The Love Am I A Good Date Quiz

Take this test and see what your Dating 'IQ' is!
1. The best way to greet your date for the evening when you first see them is:

a)  With a big, romantic, kiss!
b)  With a friendly hug.
c)  A hearty handshake and polite 'hello'!
d)  Don't say a word. Make them figure you out!
e)  Say hello, and compliment them on something they're wearing

2. A good thing to compliment your date about is their:

a)  Lack of body odor.
b)  Hair, but only if it is different than the last time you saw them.
c)  B-O-D-Y!
d)  Clothing.
e)  Shoes.
f)  Breath.
g)  Cologne or perfume.
h)  Eyes or smile.

3. If your date asks what you like to eat you reply:

a)  "Anything that's put in front of me!"
b)  "I don't eat on (whatever day it is today)."
c)  With a list of all of your food allergies.
d)  Name a couple of favorite food types and tell them you love to try new things too!
e)  "My fingernails."
e)  "I'm not picky, you pick."
e)  By asking them what their favorites are, and tell them you'd love to try something new.
e)  "I don't know, what do you like?"

4. A good topic to discuss over dinner might be:

a)  Current events.
b)  Your date's hobbies and interests.
c)  How many people you want at your wedding and how many kids you want to have, and what you're going to name them.
d)  What they do for work and how much money they make.
e)  Things the two of you have in common.
e)  The plight of the Green Wax-billed Warbler in local marshlands.

5. Your date accidentally spills their drink on the table. You react by:

a)  Ignoring it and pretending it didn't happen.
b)  Calling out "cleanup on aisle five!"
c)  Laughing at them and pointing.
d)  Spilling your own drink just like they spilled theirs.
e)  Telling them that they're paying for that.
e)  Standing up and leaving; this date is OVER!
e)  Telling your date that now you can relax, because things like that happen to you all the time.
e)  Breaking into tears.

6. A fun thing to do on a date after dinner would be:

a)  Anything they want, because you love trying new things!
b)  Make out in a dark alley.
c)  Leave it up to your date to decide.
d)  Go home. Alone.
e)  Go see a movie together.
f)  Elope to Las Vegas.
g)  to call your date a Taxi.

7. Your date, who is otherwise wonderful, chooses an after-dinner activity that you hate (like bowling, country line dancing, attending a UFC match). You:

a)  Feign food poisoning.
b)  Go along with it, because you have an open mind and want to try new things!
c)  Tell your date outright that you don't want to do it.
d)  Try to come up with something else that you both will enjoy.
e)  Go along with it, but hate every minute of it.
f)  Phone your best friend from the bathroom and have them call you with an 'emergency.'

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