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Perfect First Date - Answer SIX
The following are the answers to question number 6 of the "First Date IQ Quiz"

6. The dinner, movie, coffe, lunch is over, the bill is paid. You:

    a)  Ask your date if they want to take a walk (weather permitting)
    2 points
    Not a bad choice, but if it's a first date, a late night walk might still not be the best choice, unless you've known the person for a long time.

    b)  Ask your date if they want a piece of gum.
    1 point
    Nice, but may be taken the wrong way. They might think you're implying that they 'need' it.

    c)  Ask your date, "your place, or mine?"
    0 points
    You're a sleezebag on wheels.
    This approach usually only works in the movies, and if it were to work on your date, they're probably not boyfriend / girlfriend material.

    d)  Say "I've had a nice time."
    0 points
    This non-commital statement will drive your date crazy whiel they wonder if you ever want to see them again.

    e)  Say, "I really had fun, maybe we can come back and try the hot fudge brownie sometime."
    5 points
    This tells your date that you did have a good time, you enjoyed being with them and want to see them in the future.

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First Date Tips

Obviously THE first date is all about getting yourself and your date into a comfortable environment - and getting to know each other.

It's about talking - conversation - sharing information...

Remember to slow down - and talk with confidence. If you talk too excitedly, you can come across as nervous rather than enthusiastic. If you relax, you'll help your date relax...

Topics to keep in mind:
  • Have you ever traveled overseas?
  • What did you like about ____?
  • Where have you thought about going?
  • Why?
  • What's your favorite vacation spot?
  • Why? How often do you go? What do you do there?
  • Do you speak any other languages?
  • Do you know Pig Latin?
  • Why not?

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