Friend, crush, lover - test your relationship potential or status of a friend
Relationship Quiz - Is this friendship headed for a ROMANTIC relationship?
Friends or more?
The Relationship Quiz!
A Relationship as FRIENDS or MORE??? Quiz

Are you really 'just friends' in the friend zone -- or is it more?

Take this test and see if you might be MORE than friends with your FRIEND / CRUSH

1. Is your crush nice to you, even when other friends are around?

a)  Yes, they treat me the same- nicely- either way.
b)  My crush acts like they're allergic to me.
c)  No, they're not nice to me or ignore me when their friends are present.
d)  My crush pretends not to know me at all.
e)  I've never been with them around friends.
e)  They act different when we're alone- and more reserved around friends.

2. If you had to guess, what would you say your crush thinks about you physically?

a)  I have no idea.
b)  I don't think my crush is really attracted to me.
c)  People say I'm attractive, but I don't know what my crush thinks.
d)  Average.
e)  Who?
f)  I KNOW they find me attractive.

3. How do you feel about your crush physically?

a)  The hottest hotbody I've ever seen! WOW!
b)  I'm definitely attracted to them.
c)  Cute. Extremely, adorably, irresistibly cute.
d)  I don't know what they look like.
e)  Just looking at my crush can leave me speechless!
g)  Very attractive, but it's the personality I can't resist!

4. Do you know your crush's parents/family?

a)  Yes! Our families all know each other.
b)  I have met them.
c)  Yes, I know them pretty well!
d)  No, not at all.
e)  I avoid them at all costs!
f)  Only from what I've seen of them on T.V.

5. Do the two of you have mutual close friends?

a)  Yes, some.
b)  Yes, we hang out with the same people all the time!
c)  No, not really.
d)  Yes, one of us has dated the other's friend(s) before.

6. Are either one of you currently in a relationship with someone else?

a)  Yes.
b)  No.
c)  It depends upon what day of the week it is.
d)  Well, sort of.
e)  There are several 'someone elses.'

7. How long have you two been friends?

a)  All of our lives!
b)  For more than a year.
c)  For close to a year.
d)  We're just acquaintances.
e)  We've only just met in the past few weeks.
f)  For a few months.

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