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Perfect First Date - Answer SEVEN
The following are the answers to question number 7 of the "First Date IQ Quiz"

7. You and your date both see a $50 bill next to the cashier ...

    a)  Say to your date, "Coffee is on me!"
    1 point
    Funny, but not very honest. Cheap, too! At least offer to take them bowling.

    b)  Pick it up, and stuff it in your pocket, without saying a word.
    0 points
    Again, not the honest approach, and your date will know that you're not trustworthy...

    c)  Tell your date "I saw it first!" and jump on it!
    0 points
    You're once again a certified sleezebag on wheels.

    d)  Pick it up and hand it to the cashier, telling them "someone must have dropped this."
    5 points
    Good idea. You may even get to keep the money if no one claims it and the cashier is honest. Either way, you’re character will shine through for your date.

    e)  Pick it up and promise to split it with your date.
    0 points
    If your date agrees, you deserve each other.

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First Date Tips

Obviously THE first date is all about getting yourself and your date into a comfortable environment - and getting to know each other.

It's about talking - conversation - sharing information...

Remember to slow down - and talk with confidence. If you talk too excitedly, you can come across as nervous rather than enthusiastic. If you relax, you'll help your date relax...

Topics to keep in mind:
  • What's your favorite holiday? Why?
  • What time of year do you like best? Why?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Have you always lived here?
  • Do you want to stay here? Why?

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